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Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Shi did it again....

People like me better now. Well... some people like me better now.

We've done loads recently, and it's ended up with loads of people in the shop, not in my room obviously... I've done magic stuff like rat pyramid sacrifice to make it inaccessible to the general public. I can invite people in of course.. including one of those boys that keep coming in. He's cute and he doesnt mind stepping around my wlly collection.

He gave me a hoodie so I fitted in. The others say he's a fairy, but I know he's not like that because we did things I don't think a fairy would do, but thats secret.

I love my hoodie, it's got a picture of a doll on it, it's the first doll I've ever had and I love it as much as I would love a real doll. It matches my wellies which is good, but nothing else I have matches my wellies and hoodie so I didn't bother putting anything else on... so I don't look wierd.

I think I have set a brand new trend... we we're spoken to by this really nice and very important man called Mr Morningkill.. he can say whether Garou are accepted as Garou or not Garou... very important, but everyone wanted to speak to us instead of him, the others said it was him making people think that, but I think people have finally recognised my individual style for what it is... namely brilliant!
See!! Brilliant! It's Urban chic.... with wellies, to achieve this look you need to run around the park until your knees are dirty and your hair is matted from a mixture of wind and dirt, then get your hoodie and wear it while eating egg, and during the run around the park, then find two left wellies of different (but complimentary colours) put everything together with no make-up and just a little bit of rat nibbles in the welly toes and there you have it!!


Anyway, we had a bit of a chat with Mr Morningkill and he said that we're gonna need to do loads of stuff and then have a big get together in a few months which will be nice, so we started by having a bit of a wander around the nightclubs while in the Umbre. But Sid decided he would go to the normal world away from all these horrible things in the Umbre and find out what these horrible smoke things were, turns out they were a couple of vampires, a man and a woman. Sid went with them back to their manky sex dungeon lair thing and me and Bri followed him but from the Umbre, it was disgusting! Like hell on... well... Umbre, there were shadows and manky hell hounds that were apparently the security guards, just as the vampires were going to start doing horrible things to Sid he turned all the lights off and set about fighting them, me and Bri were doing the same in the Umbre... things were coming out of the shadows towards us..

It was at this point that everything went a little odd. Not that it wasn't already wierd, but Sid and Bri went mental... like not me mental but proper scary mental.... they lost the plot... screaching and in a killing fury...

I don't want to discuss what happened after that really because it was a little upsetting for Bri and Sid... but we won. In the Umbre we killed the twisted reminants of dozens of tortured men and women, victims of the vampires sex torture and murder.  In the normal world Sid killed the Vampires.

Once that was all done I dragged Bri back fromt he Umbre (she was in no fit state to do anything herself) and went to see Sid, unfortunately he had just passed out so I had to take on the two security guards alone.

Luckily they weren't TOO scary and I killed them pretty quickly. I got The Children of Gaia follower (Dominic) to come help me and we get Bri and Sid out of there and torched the whole place.

Hopefully that horrible part of the defiler aspect of the wyrm is gone now. We only have one aspect left to sort out... then when we have the big gathering we can get to the root of the problem and Manchester should be safe from the wyrm... for now.