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Friday, 4 January 2013

Uz and the horn of darkness.

Darkness is everywhere. Uz know this. Uz doing something about it. Today Uz made a huge step forward in collecting the darkness.

Little ones had been taken, and Uz and the others were asked to find out where they gone. Blood oaths sworn and everything, not by Uz obviously, Uz not care about the littles humans and none of Uz wuz taken. But blood oaths sworn, to find little humans and bring back if possible, so off Uz go.

Uz went into big stone place, not welcoming cave, just stupid bricks, but went in and had fight, there wuz a big portal of darknes there. Uz wanted to have a look but bad feelingz wuz happening so stayed out of it. Used it instead to help defend entrance, swirling mass of darkness so tempting, but so bad times.

As big group moved to hallway out of big portal room there wuz sounds of weapons, so Uz got ready for fight, little food stuck himself to roof and started throwing things, nasties just fell over one by one, to girls had 5 nasties on them and 2 came for Uz. They didn’t last long. 12 dead already and not even into hallway... was good day.

Down hallway wuz big room for sleepingz, much bigger than it would be for just the ones we killed so Uz wuz on guard for more baddunz. Wuz good job since Uz broke down door into room what looked like food room and another 6 baddunz wuz there. Little females wuz getting a bit hurt, Uz had scratch but all fight like life depend on it. It did. We won. They wuz surrounded in magics, weapon glowing and dangerous but they died like all their friends before them.

In fire was a hand, looked bad, but held ancestral heart of martriarch. Uz wuz not impressed, but it wuz there to hold bad something bad so I left it... for now.

Uz needed to focus on saving little humans, so another door wuz busted and Uz had to spend long time binding many spirits into maces and bolgs so we could go through. Madness, Darkness and Fear wuz everywhere, but soon Uz maces giggled or screamed and Uz had new dark nipple decoration.

There wuz stairs, so, thinking the little humans wuz probably up there we went up, then we could see down into another room full of baddunz... more magic ones, some with bows, some with swords, none were attacking. It wuz weird. We found out when when human female tried to fire arrow at one and it just fell outta the air. Other female human was crazy, she ran down the stairs on her own straight into the baddunz. I jumped from the top of the stairs to suprise some others, and little foods cast something on me that made me hard to see, so the baddunz were proper scared! When Uz cleared the room Uz went to find the little humans. They wuz in a dark room, surrounded by little human bones, what were covered in little human bites. They were crazier than human female. They survived on eating each other, which is normal for Uz and enlo, but apparently not so good for humans. They wuz daughters and sons of noble families from surrounding areas, but not many of them left.

Stupid human bloke had been defending the entrance and dun good so now he came and took the little humans somewhere safer while Uz went to see what wuz behind the bad door in the food room. When Uz got there the door was open and inside wuz another portal. Coming out of the portal... a misty looking Ralzakark, for people who haven’t seen Ralzakark before he looks like a scary unicorn man. Anyhoo.. he wuz being all talky and saying how we wud die if we didn’t leave but Uz is cleverer than Ralzakark. Uz realized that the heart in the fire wuz holding back his full power by making him incorporeal. So Uz asked one of the human females to try to hurt the heart. It worked but unfortunately her arm fell off. Slightly inconvenient but Uz didn’t mind too much cos Uz still had 2 arms and 2 maces. But the more the heart wuz damaged the more Ralzakark because real. When the heart had been totally destroyed by little food and his throwing things and Ralzakark wuz real little human with 2 arms and Uz started fighting him. It took a while but Uz hit him till he wuz nearly dead and human female finished him off. We won.

As he disappeared into dust his horn fell off. Uz caught it. Uz has the horn of Ralzakark to go back to Gu-Han for the darkness well. Very powerful item.

Uz is going to travel back to Gu-han now. Drop off the remaining little humans on the way, 2 belong to friends of Pipistral, 1 is Nadir, and there are a couple of others I don’t care about.

Uz is taking some time off now because Uz is expecting little Uz. Maybe new start for Gu-han.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Uz got Enlo now...

When Uz came into marsh Uz wasn't expecting to have trolls around, but the marsh always seems to do the unexpected.

Uz wuz happily sleeping, when Little human came in to wake up Roodug-mar... rude! But Uz was ok about it cuz it was for other Trolls, a merchant group on riding beetles wuz outside, apparently last time they travelled through here they stopped in my new place because there wuz lots of goats for eatings and shelter.

Because it is good hospitality Uz invited them in, we drank Argan Lager and talked lots, Little human tried some stronger stuff and passed out, but he wuz put to bed safe. The troll leader wuz priest of Argan Argar, and offered to make Uz a shrine to him in my place, Uz said yes and even Foods decided to become initiate of the troll god... Uz finds that odd.. but ok. This little feathered foods really does look up to me as martiarch, itz cute. He thinks he's Uz!

When merchants leaving, they said they visit again in a few seasons, maybe next time we can buy stuff from them, and to thanks Uz for hospitality trolls gave Uz, little human and black feathered food gifts, magically infused bolg scultures, fine pieces of bolg craftsmanship, good and heavy, to help Uz on journey. Uz also got to of the range fashionable obsidian eyewear to stop the hurt... look Uz got etching done...

Uz travelled into Marsh because trolls mentioned some darkness 5 days travel away, and naughty enlo what escaped from masters and it's  Uz duty to sort that sort of thing out. Travelled long time, lots through the hurt place, and fought big flying things, until got to where Enlo were.

They found a dead dinosaur! No darkness there, but there used to be, Uz think darkness and drauger from first fight killed dinosaur but now Enlo eating into it and making new cave system on for Enlo inside its body.

Uz went in to sort them out, killed some to show strength, and for foods, tasty tasty Enlo... Eventually Uz got to talk to Enlo that wanted to not die and be eaten. Made a deal with them, we got all the treasures they'd stolen from people, and some Enlo to come work for Uz and the rest stay with dinosaur to make new life.

If they start being too bad, Uz will go get them, they very easy to kill.

Uz got Chet, enlo who came to talk to Uz, we told him he value now, so less likely to be eaten, we got Smelch and Felch, the remind me of feathered foods... and Oden. All got new bolg collars to show they belong to Uz and they do work for Uz now.

Uz will go find the big darkness soon, it getting strong to take down big dinomonster.


Uz doing good.

Roodug-Mar is mighty troll shamen, working for Uz-ko to recover darkness from depths of marsh and today, Uz done good.

Little human heard about hings in swamp, went to have a look and things what scream were there. Undead things what make lots of noise until all but Troll stand still.

We found big sinking ship, wuz not nice, had nasty things in and Uz could feel darkness in there, bad darkness so while little humans talked and foods flapped Uz put bolgs in ears and went in. Little humans soon followed.

Inside there wuz nasty undeads, just as little human said they screamed and made one feathered foods panic, the other flapped more.. Uz think he wuz trying to help but Uz never sure what feathered foods mean to do...

Uz fought and killed some of the undeads, then went up a level and left little humans to kill undeads, took one female withme, and a feathered foods too, Uz think he wuz scared and sees me as matriarch so he follows Uz for safety... hur hur, won't be much safety with me if Uz get peckish!!

Some little females wuz on that level, they all crying and scared, Uz tried to tell them "be quiet, I helping" but they just scream at me, Uz understand though, they just weak little humans, they can't help being so pathetic. Uz left female to look after other females, she know what to do and uz carried on up.

Then I saw it, the darkness... Thed... Nasty bad goddess, does rape and disgusting things, not good, not good at all! Uz is all that stood between darkness doing bad everywhere, so Uz start doing my job.

First I needed a relevant shape and item for binding darkness, luckily Uz had bag of bolgs to help with this so Uz made small man parts from bolgs, shape is symbolic. Very important.

Uz started to bind darkness, it worked! Then ship start to sink and Uz not float well so Uz left very quickly. Once on more solid ground Uz continued ritual and swallowed Bolg man parts. Now Uz is keeper of that darkness, to add to others until got them all to take back to Gu-han. Uz can use the darkness in quest too. It not bad any more so Uz can control it.

Little humans want to stay in for a while now, in our place, but lot of hurt there so Uz going to make indoors my space, make it better and better until it like second cave.


Friday, 3 February 2012

Uz again.

Got into that stone building. it wuz full of humans with sharp metal. Uz smashed them all. Value helped some and little female brought little female friend along, and both of them helped. Food wuz running round under Uz, nearly ended up stood on or gunt ring decoration but Uz not want to get their disease so Uz wuz very careful. One of the food chopped off a humans dangly bits. Stupid human never saw it coming!

The place wuz big and strange, a little human stood at the back doing bad things, dark magics and try to do rituals with animals. He wuz stopped... maybe by food, maybe by value, maybe by females Uz wasn't watching, Uz had more important things to do. There wuz a door and behind that door I could feel darkness. Not good, stange and bad. Smelled bad, tasted bad, Uz had to finish the human who wuz trying to poke Uz with metal and by then the bad little human had gone into the door!

Uz went over and opened door with my rock-on-a-stick, very effective. Inside wuz more little humans, some with things to give me new holes from a distance others hiding in coward holes with long pole with metal on. Uz took some damage, sharp sticks in boobs and leg but one female wuz there helping Uz kill bad humans. When they wuz all dead I went up the stairs. At the top wuz something horrible, terrible and evil. The bad little human wuz trying to stop his arm stump bleeding and wuz casting new stuff. He wuz killed but rose again to try and kill Uz with cold, he got killed again. In the corner wuz a cave troll, eveil bad and big. Chained up and had inside it the darkness. It was swirling and nasty, pouring in and out of all his face holes.

Uz is big. Cave troll is bigger. And stupider.

All the people helped to smash the badness, and even though the foods got fallen on when the cave troll fell over, everyone was ok..... but getting weaker and weaker till only Uz and human females left. Proves that females iz better than puny males and foods. Tried to cast magics to bind the darkness and stop it from leaving but it wuz too much, strong and making Uz weak. We had to leave and it went bang. The tower stones fell but we wuz safe outside. We took broken rocks back to a temple to be fixed, now they can be used to make the harvests good again.

The darkness had gone somewhere. It had taken the body of the bad little human. Now Uz has to go get it back and bind it properly this time. Uz needs to do job set out to do. Uz is in charge of the stone building now. It was given uz for doing well, but got to keep doing well to make sure everything is ok for the little people living in the stone building.

Uz going now to do job. Find darkness, bind darkness, make the soggy place safer and the darkness complete.

Uz out.


Monday, 23 January 2012

Uz here.

Uz started out new search for darkness. The darkness wuz taken and uz have to make it right again.
Found a value and food to go with uz on journey. Also found little female, small like child but strong like little uz.
Roodug-Mar name I. To you, call me Roodug-Mar. Safer that way, you not get eat if you polite. Uz are strong, like darkness and better than you. I matriarch in new group cuz I can eat most of new group and ones I can't eat might be useful, have yet to decide that.

The foods are quick, I like challenge but if hungry I eat them like snack, use feathers to pick tusks after. They have stupid voices, like broken enlo, they weak.

Uz found warm place, but bright, got hat when left cave though so shaded little bit. Keep back to fire and can stay warm and not bright. The human place had special things to make little cave, like flat rock on sticks, when put rug over top makes it smell like cooking, but dark and hard like warm cave.

Had some weak drink and snack of goat. Was ok, but not as good as proper food and drinks.

Set off into swamp, was not nice, damp and bright. Had little fight with scorpians big as uz, the food were running round making noise and not much else, value human was good, did good fight but has weak skin. Little female dun ok too, but uz dun better.

Now got to find way into big rock building, it got deep water all around and uz not go in water deeper than third boobs so got to find new way in.

Will let you know when dun.


Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Shi did it again....

People like me better now. Well... some people like me better now.

We've done loads recently, and it's ended up with loads of people in the shop, not in my room obviously... I've done magic stuff like rat pyramid sacrifice to make it inaccessible to the general public. I can invite people in of course.. including one of those boys that keep coming in. He's cute and he doesnt mind stepping around my wlly collection.

He gave me a hoodie so I fitted in. The others say he's a fairy, but I know he's not like that because we did things I don't think a fairy would do, but thats secret.

I love my hoodie, it's got a picture of a doll on it, it's the first doll I've ever had and I love it as much as I would love a real doll. It matches my wellies which is good, but nothing else I have matches my wellies and hoodie so I didn't bother putting anything else on... so I don't look wierd.

I think I have set a brand new trend... we we're spoken to by this really nice and very important man called Mr Morningkill.. he can say whether Garou are accepted as Garou or not Garou... very important, but everyone wanted to speak to us instead of him, the others said it was him making people think that, but I think people have finally recognised my individual style for what it is... namely brilliant!
See!! Brilliant! It's Urban chic.... with wellies, to achieve this look you need to run around the park until your knees are dirty and your hair is matted from a mixture of wind and dirt, then get your hoodie and wear it while eating egg, and during the run around the park, then find two left wellies of different (but complimentary colours) put everything together with no make-up and just a little bit of rat nibbles in the welly toes and there you have it!!


Anyway, we had a bit of a chat with Mr Morningkill and he said that we're gonna need to do loads of stuff and then have a big get together in a few months which will be nice, so we started by having a bit of a wander around the nightclubs while in the Umbre. But Sid decided he would go to the normal world away from all these horrible things in the Umbre and find out what these horrible smoke things were, turns out they were a couple of vampires, a man and a woman. Sid went with them back to their manky sex dungeon lair thing and me and Bri followed him but from the Umbre, it was disgusting! Like hell on... well... Umbre, there were shadows and manky hell hounds that were apparently the security guards, just as the vampires were going to start doing horrible things to Sid he turned all the lights off and set about fighting them, me and Bri were doing the same in the Umbre... things were coming out of the shadows towards us..

It was at this point that everything went a little odd. Not that it wasn't already wierd, but Sid and Bri went mental... like not me mental but proper scary mental.... they lost the plot... screaching and in a killing fury...

I don't want to discuss what happened after that really because it was a little upsetting for Bri and Sid... but we won. In the Umbre we killed the twisted reminants of dozens of tortured men and women, victims of the vampires sex torture and murder.  In the normal world Sid killed the Vampires.

Once that was all done I dragged Bri back fromt he Umbre (she was in no fit state to do anything herself) and went to see Sid, unfortunately he had just passed out so I had to take on the two security guards alone.

Luckily they weren't TOO scary and I killed them pretty quickly. I got The Children of Gaia follower (Dominic) to come help me and we get Bri and Sid out of there and torched the whole place.

Hopefully that horrible part of the defiler aspect of the wyrm is gone now. We only have one aspect left to sort out... then when we have the big gathering we can get to the root of the problem and Manchester should be safe from the wyrm... for now.

Saturday, 27 November 2010

From Paris With Love.

How do adventurers of Sintel! I'm the new columnist for the Sintel Star, Paris Badwanger. My family Calls me Parry, me Pa calls me his little rock petal.

As you can tell from me hair, I'm a Dwarf. But I'm no ordinary dwarf, oh no! I'm a fashion concious proper Traldan, first wannabe popstar of Ithron!

You can tell fromt he way I wear me robes that I've got a dwarf load of style, this seasons colours are blue and orange for those who don't know, and I'm out there in Sintel and other places, keepin an eye out for anyone doing what they shouldnt be, and dressing like an elf.

Beware all you criminals, if you get yourself caught doin somthing illegal don't expect me to be as kind as some of them other Traldans, I ain't gonna raise money for ya. You should either not do owt illegal, or by the grace of Tralda don't get caught!

Yeh... I'm lookin at you Missis Kharachian gobby bugger. Can't keep your mouth shut in court, then don't go. Its ILLEGAL to go mouthing off! so don't do it!

Anyway. as I was sayin, I'm proper up on the fashions of Ithron. In me column I'll talk about who's hot and who definitely aint. And believe me, there's pleanty around that definitely aint hot.

Like them elves wot jumped down fromt he trees and attacked us.