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Friday, 4 January 2013

Uz and the horn of darkness.

Darkness is everywhere. Uz know this. Uz doing something about it. Today Uz made a huge step forward in collecting the darkness.

Little ones had been taken, and Uz and the others were asked to find out where they gone. Blood oaths sworn and everything, not by Uz obviously, Uz not care about the littles humans and none of Uz wuz taken. But blood oaths sworn, to find little humans and bring back if possible, so off Uz go.

Uz went into big stone place, not welcoming cave, just stupid bricks, but went in and had fight, there wuz a big portal of darknes there. Uz wanted to have a look but bad feelingz wuz happening so stayed out of it. Used it instead to help defend entrance, swirling mass of darkness so tempting, but so bad times.

As big group moved to hallway out of big portal room there wuz sounds of weapons, so Uz got ready for fight, little food stuck himself to roof and started throwing things, nasties just fell over one by one, to girls had 5 nasties on them and 2 came for Uz. They didn’t last long. 12 dead already and not even into hallway... was good day.

Down hallway wuz big room for sleepingz, much bigger than it would be for just the ones we killed so Uz wuz on guard for more baddunz. Wuz good job since Uz broke down door into room what looked like food room and another 6 baddunz wuz there. Little females wuz getting a bit hurt, Uz had scratch but all fight like life depend on it. It did. We won. They wuz surrounded in magics, weapon glowing and dangerous but they died like all their friends before them.

In fire was a hand, looked bad, but held ancestral heart of martriarch. Uz wuz not impressed, but it wuz there to hold bad something bad so I left it... for now.

Uz needed to focus on saving little humans, so another door wuz busted and Uz had to spend long time binding many spirits into maces and bolgs so we could go through. Madness, Darkness and Fear wuz everywhere, but soon Uz maces giggled or screamed and Uz had new dark nipple decoration.

There wuz stairs, so, thinking the little humans wuz probably up there we went up, then we could see down into another room full of baddunz... more magic ones, some with bows, some with swords, none were attacking. It wuz weird. We found out when when human female tried to fire arrow at one and it just fell outta the air. Other female human was crazy, she ran down the stairs on her own straight into the baddunz. I jumped from the top of the stairs to suprise some others, and little foods cast something on me that made me hard to see, so the baddunz were proper scared! When Uz cleared the room Uz went to find the little humans. They wuz in a dark room, surrounded by little human bones, what were covered in little human bites. They were crazier than human female. They survived on eating each other, which is normal for Uz and enlo, but apparently not so good for humans. They wuz daughters and sons of noble families from surrounding areas, but not many of them left.

Stupid human bloke had been defending the entrance and dun good so now he came and took the little humans somewhere safer while Uz went to see what wuz behind the bad door in the food room. When Uz got there the door was open and inside wuz another portal. Coming out of the portal... a misty looking Ralzakark, for people who haven’t seen Ralzakark before he looks like a scary unicorn man. Anyhoo.. he wuz being all talky and saying how we wud die if we didn’t leave but Uz is cleverer than Ralzakark. Uz realized that the heart in the fire wuz holding back his full power by making him incorporeal. So Uz asked one of the human females to try to hurt the heart. It worked but unfortunately her arm fell off. Slightly inconvenient but Uz didn’t mind too much cos Uz still had 2 arms and 2 maces. But the more the heart wuz damaged the more Ralzakark because real. When the heart had been totally destroyed by little food and his throwing things and Ralzakark wuz real little human with 2 arms and Uz started fighting him. It took a while but Uz hit him till he wuz nearly dead and human female finished him off. We won.

As he disappeared into dust his horn fell off. Uz caught it. Uz has the horn of Ralzakark to go back to Gu-Han for the darkness well. Very powerful item.

Uz is going to travel back to Gu-han now. Drop off the remaining little humans on the way, 2 belong to friends of Pipistral, 1 is Nadir, and there are a couple of others I don’t care about.

Uz is taking some time off now because Uz is expecting little Uz. Maybe new start for Gu-han.