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Saturday, 27 November 2010

From Paris With Love.

How do adventurers of Sintel! I'm the new columnist for the Sintel Star, Paris Badwanger. My family Calls me Parry, me Pa calls me his little rock petal.

As you can tell from me hair, I'm a Dwarf. But I'm no ordinary dwarf, oh no! I'm a fashion concious proper Traldan, first wannabe popstar of Ithron!

You can tell fromt he way I wear me robes that I've got a dwarf load of style, this seasons colours are blue and orange for those who don't know, and I'm out there in Sintel and other places, keepin an eye out for anyone doing what they shouldnt be, and dressing like an elf.

Beware all you criminals, if you get yourself caught doin somthing illegal don't expect me to be as kind as some of them other Traldans, I ain't gonna raise money for ya. You should either not do owt illegal, or by the grace of Tralda don't get caught!

Yeh... I'm lookin at you Missis Kharachian gobby bugger. Can't keep your mouth shut in court, then don't go. Its ILLEGAL to go mouthing off! so don't do it!

Anyway. as I was sayin, I'm proper up on the fashions of Ithron. In me column I'll talk about who's hot and who definitely aint. And believe me, there's pleanty around that definitely aint hot.

Like them elves wot jumped down fromt he trees and attacked us.



Carmine's last stand

So. It turns out that according to Templeton, I'm preggers. Wulf was well happy when I told him. He said it was time to settle down, and sure enough the universe heard him and here I am, settling down.

I'm not going to be one of those mothers that risks her life and the life of her child by adventuring during pregnancy though. I've accepted a desk job at the merchant council. The first EVER arcane advisor! How cool is that!

Everyone has wished me well and said nice things. I do feel sad about retiring from adventuring life but when I look back at everything I've done I know I havent wasted my time.

I helped return the Eye of Arda to Sharda, I secured an entire compound fromt he effects of the planar alignment, I spent time in sharda negotiating with demons to stop them attacking Nippon, and to reduce the number of summonings answered. I took part in, and was a major aspect of, a number of rescue attempts, including scarlet oakdene when she was taken by the Tenebreous. I saved her soul fromt he binding tattoo that the Tenebreous put on her. I have rescued souls and bodies from Sharda, including Dan of lower bulge, George Cole and many others. I have made Sintel a safe reigion again, along with numerous adventurers, so that the risks to the reigion are significantly reduced. Whether the threats were demonic, undead, bandit, fouldspawn or unnatural I was there bside the good adventurers of Ithron helping to protect this holy land from those who seek to take it from us.

I went from the Bequifician chosen child, a misguided orphan with no other way of escaping her life, to being a Jones. Becoming a demonologist, with the help of Wesley and Kin (and berem a bit) becomign a master and understanding all that it entails, to taking up the mantle of Keeper of the Seven Secrets.
I went through courtship, taught a heartless criminal where his heart is, and to my great regret I then shattered it. Found true love in Wulf and became Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones KOSS, I was then promoted to Wife of a Baronette, making me Lady Carmine. The King, my good friend Robbie recognised my work and made me demonologist by royal appointment.

I've had to make friends, lose friends and kill those I love in order to protect he people I care about. Not many girls at 16 can say they've seen 2 of their fathers turn evil in the attempt to protect her, and then worked to help the adventuring community destroy them. Not many girls of 16 have gone what I have gone through and managed to come out the other side without turning evil.

I know that those who come after me will have an ex-adventurer , ex Keeper, and good friend  to be proud of.

Today I am proud to Call myself by the many names I have been known.

Carmine Jones.
Carmine Molly Macdonald
The Award Winning Carmine Jones
Mistress Carmine Jones MDem
Mistress Carmine Jones KOSS
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones KOSS
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, KOSS, Lady of Worlds End
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, KOSS, Lady of Worlds End, Demonologist by Royal Appointment
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, KOSS, Lady of Worlds End, Demonologist by Royal Appointment, Arcane Advisor to the Merchant Council of Sintel.

and now


C x

Diary of Collwen

Finally! I have a child to carry on my glory! Born in 491, I am now the proud mother of Arianwen, my baby girl.

It came at an unexpected time though... having spent almost the entire year out in Cornwall fighting against Gorlois's troops. It was damp, cold and mind numbingly bleak. We'd only occasionally get into decent scraps and push forward a little. When the main fight happened we weren't even prepared.

One evening we were just socialising as you must in conditions such as those, inorder to keep your sanity, and Gorlois and his troops attacked.

We spent a little time putting on armour and out we went. The fight was shorter than I thought it would be. I took down a number of his troops and we saw Madoc run to take down Gorlois.

Unfortunately Madoc fell. We prepared his body in a way that was fitting for a price. He died in Battle and Uther was devestated.

Although not so devestated that he didn't have time to marry Gorlois's widow. The wonman we went to war with Cornwall over. It was something of a scandal since he barely even left her a period of mourning for her now deceased husband.

She had a baby that year too. By timings it should be Gorlois's but there are rumours abound that it is Uthers.

Only time will tell how this will pan out.


Pya's journal

We travelled to Pavis again. Which was good. I'm skint so I'm having to stay in the Humakti temple, which is quite nice actually as it means I get to train the pathetic little fighters how to use a real weapon.

I'd much rather be out there killing that Vampire but if the best I can do at the moment is train others to defend themselves then so be it.

I spent a lot of time training myself too, improving my attacks and honing my skills. I got so good that I have finally achieved what I set out to do.

I am now a Sword of Humakt! Bran is almost there too which is good, it means we can both go out there and kick some undead ass with our reuseable awesome spells, and our excellent attacks.

I mustn't underestimate the Vampire though. It is pure evil. Trying to tempt us with power and glory but I know my Lord Humakt can provide that for me without having to condemn myself to eternal undeath.

There hasn't been much else to tell other than that. I spent one night very drunk in celebration (thanks for that bran) and the rest living on beans and bread in the temple. on the plus side though my strength has improved. Its all the protein in the beans that does it!

Anyway, untill next time, when we've hopefully smashed that Viva Morte git into the ground for good.


Shi's musings

I don't understand why people don't like me. Rats like me. Pigeons like me. But people? They look at me like I'm something they stood in, like poo or a tin of marbles.

I tried speaking to Sid about it but he was too busy on his games and I didn't know what to do.

I've been spending a lot of time in the park. The Wyrm isn't as strong there, and people leave behind the strangest things that i can use! From barely eaten pies, to still warm coffees, its been quite nice to have something tht isnt made from something i'd caught!
I suppose thats the only good thing about people moving away from me.. they leave behind tasty stuff.

One night we all got together and played draughts and buckaroo, but I dont think the other guys liked it very much, they let me win draughts just so they didn't have to touch the pieces I found. I'd spent all day looking for perfectly circular bits of trodden chewing gum, and it took me hours to get they unstuck from the pavement.
Nobody won Buckaroo though because the buck has broken. So basically it just became about balancing things on top of the horse and they called a stop to it when i had run out of plastic pieces and moved onto living things like my pet spider that lives under the sink.

I had one really lovely day though, I hit dustbin gold and found 2 wellies! They were almost the same colour, one was a really dark purple and the other was green, so I was happy about that, and they fitted almost perfectly except they were both for your left foot, which is good for me cos my mum always said I had two left feet. And I used them to jump in puddles.. there wasn't many so I had to find them where I could, like down side alleys on a sturday night. Drowning ants was good too.

When we were out doing... something as our dog forms we had a bit of a run in with the dog catchers though. They took us in... They tempted me with whiskey in a bowl and then eventually won me over with the use of a net. It wasn't too bad, I was quite happy there, we got fed, and got lots of drinks, the catcher bloke kept bringing me whiskey and they gave me a pill that stopped me dragging myself round the floor which was nice.

And my hair has gone all shiney and silver again! I forgot it was like that, it had become all grey and matted from not doing anything with it but they gave me a bath, and a nail... thing.. and a hair cut and stuff, it was lovely! And the woman doing it didnt seem to mind doing it either!

Unfortunately the niceness stopped when a bloke came in and killed one of the catchers. The other one was very hurt but he's ok now, he got better in hospital.

Apparently it was some Vampire thing. Not nice. And I had to pretend to be Sids PA so we could speak to him. Apparently he's into traffiking humans.

Anyway, I'd best go steal me another outfit, I cant wear the same thing every time I meet this vampire cos they say its suspicious.


Friday, 29 October 2010

Pya's Journal.

I was right. (shocking isnt it..)

Guess who turned up at the 5th contest and decided he was brave enough to join in now.. Bran.

He did quite well actually considering he hasnt been in any other contests! We spent a day recovering from the drinking contest and had a chat with a few of the other contestants. The Uroxi is a moron so he was immediately eliminated from suspicions of 'bad guy' activity but I still had my doubts about Jaast. Anyone that turns up in black when everyone else is in colours and tries to annoy everyone without going so far as to get killed is obviously playing to the 'baddie' sterotypes and must therefore be the antagonist of the story.... if.. of course.. it was a story and now my real life.

Anyway, we got ready for the wall of death, all we had to do was walk along a wall while blunt arrows were fired at us, there were a possoble maximum of 15 shots. Jaast came staggering over like he was drunk and Sticklebrix was busy rubbing rhino fat into himself. Promidious and Runner fell off quite early on having taken a few painful looking arrows to the abdomen and.. erm... lower. Vathmar and Fyren weren't long after and Haaldis shortly after that. The rest including myself and Bran continued for a while, Myrhhyn fell then I lost my footing and fell leaving Callain, Bran, Jaast and Sticklebrix. Unfortunately Callain then fell, followed by Bran then finally Sticklebrix leaving Jaast having won that contest.

Next was the pain test... now this one hurt. Lots.. and yes, i know thats what the name suggests but still! IT REALLY HURT!!

We all had to hold at arms length two metal pots of boiling water for as long as possible. I started off really well, it seemed like I couldnt lose, but one by one people dropped out, splashing boiling water everywhere and cradling their raw hands. Soon it started to become too much to bear. When it got down to me Promidious and Jaast it was too much for me to cope with any more and I gave up. Shortly followed by Jaast then a relieved Promidious.

So again, although Jaast hadn't won, he had gotten himself more points on the leaderboard and was in 1st place.
Jaast - 12 points
Sticklebrix - 10 points
Me - 9 points.

So we went on to the final round. The ladies choice. Basically everyone has to do something, sing, dance, tell a story.. whatever, and only the ladies give a score.

There were some brilliant stories, from Myrrhyn (who won that contest) Runner and Calain and some slightly unpleasant acts like a striptease from Bran, lewd jokes from Jaast and innappropriate stories from Sticklebrix.

At the end of the contest the points were as follows.

1st Place : Jaast with 15 points.

2nd Place: Myself and Runner with 13 poitns

3rd Place: Sticlebrix, Myrhhyn and Calain. with 12 points.

A few people left, Myrrhyn for example, he recieved his prize for winning that contest and gave the Shadow cat he won to Haaldis then left.

We went to the bar to find Sticklbrix in a very bad mood. Not because he hadn't won but because he had apparently been sensing Chaos the whole contest but couldnt pinpoint it, and when his main suspect had left and the sense hadn't gone he had begun to get angry.

After a long and drawn out chat we went to check he hadn't picked up something himself and not realised.

Turns out that Jaast had given him a ball of tails which was extremely chaotic, Runner had seen Jaast with it earlier in the week but hadnt realised it was chaotic, so we all went out to find Jaast.

He was pretending to be Calain so he could get in with Melisant... so of course we killed him swiftly becuase it turns out he was an ogre! He was the one killing people while the contest was on. He was a Cacodaemon follower and.. as I'd said all along.. he was a baddie!!!

So we managed to get it cnfirmed that he was taken out of the contest via disqualification meaning he hadn't officially won, he'd been cheating etc, and he was chaotic.

His winnings were then split between those who stopped him, our party and sticklebrix. I was given the name of champion of Garhound, Bran was given a sword and we were all given 3 one use spells each. Two of the ones I recieved were extremely useful for me! I recieved True sword and Great Parry!

So now we're ready to head back to Pavis for some festival Runner wants to go to.

I'm sure it wont be boring...


Saturday, 23 October 2010

Journal of Pya

Well... I'm feeling a little worse for wear... But that won't be explained till the end.. for now we have to go back to the start.

A few days ago we arrived in this new city in sun county, they're having a competition for the hand of a lady there and because of this prophecy we think we have something to do with her so here we are, competing in a competition.

The first night was fine! Free BBQ ribs which were gorgeous, a warm bed, some chatting and trying to find out about the other competitors.

We had to be up just before dawn for the yelmalio worshippers, and also to keep up their cheeky deal to increase trade in the city during the tournament. Noone is allowed to sleep in the streets or on roofs... you are allowed to go out of the city but the gates close a dusk and dont open until after dawn... by then the games have started so if you want to see them you have to sleep inside the city.. or just dont sleep.

Anyway, we got up before dawn and headed to the arena to introduce outselves to the crowd and start the first competition. Bran was there but decided not to enter the competitions. (Worried I'd beat him and couldn't stand the embaressment when I do I suspect. Then again I have a sneaky feeling he might grab a sneaky peek of my journal and try and prove me wrong by taking part in the next event. If he does.. I told you so!)

There were the rest of the party competing and a few others too, a couple of Yelmalio, one who fancies himself a lot, a couple of Orlanthi, an Uroxi and an Argan Arga worshipper (who between you and me is a little odd... likes to wind people up and can be very overfriendly.)

Anyway the first competition was the riding competition. Luckily for me riding is one thing I am very good at.

Running however.. is not.

We had to run to the horses, get on, ride for a while, cross a river, ride to a tree pick the fruit and take it back. I set off.. stumbled my way to the horse, got an OK one then I was in my element! Although Fyren was in the lead after the run I quiclly caught up, we all hit the tree around the same time and I picked a fruit that was in reach while on my horse and set off back.

So I won a beautifl and very fast horse after that event, second was Myrrhyn (and orlanthi) and Promidious (a Yelmalio).

The next event was the Joust, Although I am very good on a horse.. I'm nopt so good at using a Lance so I was a bit worried about this event but it wasn't as bad as I though. I beat a yelmalio in the first round (stuck up git) and was beaten in the second round by Myrrhyn, but I didnt mind that as he was gratious and immediately checked I was ok when he knocked me off my horse. Plus he went on to come second so thats fine! Sticklebrix the Uroxi won.. by pure brute strength I think and some how Runner came third.

I never again want to see what happened in his first round happen again thought. He was against Fyren and before anyone even set off Runner was mumbling and doing.. something.. It ended up through a series of unfortunate happenings, Runner got his leg caught under his now demoralised horse, who was quite content to allow runner to stayon his back.. as long as the horse was laying down, then Fyrens horse went bonkers started trotting like it was walkingon coals then started humping Runners horse with runner still on it! Runner then swallowed Fyrens Lance whole and Fyren promptly fell off the back of his now eagerly humping steed.

Anyway.. that wasn't the last of the things I never want to see again! When we get to the wrestling competition and the Argan Arga cultist is stark naked it kinda puts you off competing. Anyway as luck would have it I didnt have to fight him and his greased up body. I fought Fyren and he ran at me like an excited puppy, and knocked me clean off my feet. So that was my turn over!

It ended with Jaast the Argan Arga cultist winning, Sticklebrix second and I believe it was Fyren third, so at least I was beated by someone in the top 3 huh!

Last but not least we got to the drinking round. Well... what can I say about that one..

Its the reason I feel like I should be being killed by Humakti rather than being hunakti myself... I think this is how the undead would feel.. if they weren't so wretched, damned and pitiful.

It was some weak beer that hits you like a ten tonne Bison... if a Bison walked at the pace of a slug. Fine.. until you realise your insides are spilling out.

Fyren didn't last very long, and Jaast didnt even enter, Runner seemed to turn a vivid shade of green but kept trying to compose himself... right up until he passed out and vomit dribbled from his eyes, ears and nose... It eventually whittled down to me, Haaldis and Sticklebrix. I bowed out before I could disgrace myself by chucking up my guts, and bounced my way back down the hallway to my bed... which I assume I reached at some point but Haaldis and Sicklebrix continued, and eventually Sticklebrix gave in to the clearly superiour female might of Haaldis!

So... here I am.. Just before dawn with a cracking headache getting ready to face the wall of death. And I must admit, the title doesnt fill me with confidence.

As it stands, in joint first place is Runner, Sticklebrix and myself.

Heres to the rest of the competition... I think I need more BBQ Ribs...


Dear Ranier

Dear Ranier,

I've had an interesting weekend this weekend! I travelled up to Sintel as I usually do for the hiring, and decided to go after some missing people, it seems that a coupel of the adventurers on the party knew them so I thought it would be nice for me to go. Plus it made more sense than me going to kill some undead...

Anyway, so I thought I'd ask about a bit to find out what is going on, I knew people were going missing but hadn't a clue what the link between them was! They were between 16-25 but thats not really a reason, they were'nt all girls or all boys...

I was speaking to Cuckoo and Leo and apparently all the people who have gone missing have been fostered, little meg mouldheel (Horace's missis) Clem, Sasha, Martha, Glaywar, William, all of them!

It turns out right.. that they are all werewolves!! Apparently there is some sort of war going on with the werewolves in Ithron, Ones that think they should all be Longstorian, some think they should all be Krygonite, some believe they are the master race and others just want them to all be free and have their own free will (that one sound the best to me.

There are even werewolf families heading uip the sides in the way, The Von Bloods are all about the werewolf supremicy, master race and all that, Astor is for Krygan and some bloke called Tyren who apparently was behind it or perhaps it was his brother, he'd been collecting all the people who were fostered and had werewolf in them, and made them change, they all looked so scared, lost and angy. When we left we took them with us, back to Cnut where apparently there are some people (who i think were also werewolves) that can help them. Tim was looking after little meg, I felt so bad for him, it must have been a shock to find out your new wife is a werewolf, but he seemed to be handling it well.

We managed to kill Tyrens brother (i think) but he did something to cuckoo and leo that made them forget who they really are and shift their forms forcibly. They seemed so animalistic, not anything like I've seen cuckoo before.. it was the first time I'd met leo but he seemed lovely until then.

I don't believe it was the real them, I think he'd done something to them to make them so angry that they couldnt listen to reason. Leo tried to kill me but I'm ok now, and he seemed very upset that he'd tried to hurt me, and he apologised. I said it was ok. It really wasnt his fault. I dont think he bit me at least so thats good.. but i suppose that will be tested shortly, the moon is almost full! (if thats what happens.. I dont know much about werewolf lore to be honest.)

Oh.. and I saw Gerald for the first time. He's a dick. He but Atlas Ryan up and sent him all over the place, smarmy git. Although he was very polite to me.. but I dont suppose that would count for much to the religious people who are dead set on ending his existance.

I also had a prediction made for me.. I picked a card out of a pack and it was like a ball of fire.. he said there would be something good happening to me, somehting special.

Suppose we'll have to wait and see what thats about huh!

Anyway. I'll be home soon and I'll bring some of the halfling pies from the escaped Clepton halflings(not halflings in them.. made by halflings.)

Remember to take Bastard for a walk every night, and he likes his meat well done!

Love you, see you soon.

C x

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Diary of Collwen, the year 491

Ok... So I spent the winter at home, looking after my fifedom and trying to make babies. Unsucessfully but thats not the point...

We were invited to some meeting in Lincoln so off we set to spend a little time with King Uther and Earl Roderic and perhaps discuss some Saxon smashing. Sounds good doesnt it!! Well... as we're walking in, I was looking round and thinking, these are some well armoured servants!

Turns out it was a load of knights, not servants and looking round the blacksmiths weren't forging swords like you'd expect, but Lance heads!!

Mounted cavelry it is then!! So we go for this meeting and have a bit of a chat about how we see ourselves, where we'd stand in battle and our roles and all of us.. not knowing a great deal about battles decide the best place to stand is supporting the front line.. just behind them on the second rank along with our Earl and in front of the King.

After our chats we set off North to fight some Saxons. Ont he way Gwaer and Cadlieu managed to get themselves in a bit of a scrap with some boys from Gloucester. Our cart wheel had come loose and as people were fixing it they decided the best idea they ever had was to start a duel with them.Luckily noone was killed (and technically our side won) everyone was a bit battered and bruised as we set off to face the Saxons. And let me tell you.. they aren't as impressed by fashy swords as the Earls of Cornwall are!! It took a good few charges before their front line shield wall broke and we could get into melee. We were fighting for hours, getting hurt, and exhausted, untill we realised that the Saxons had begun to lose... one of our flanks had closed around their sides and they began to flee.

Now at this point I was a little light headed from the loss of blood and tiredness but I saw this great huge chunk of a man, a giant almost, standing there watching his army flee and just staying there all fine and everything! Leo strode forward to take him on and the big bloke just lifted his axe and let it swing round casually and the next thing you know Leo is lying in front of the giant... and his head is rolling off to the side!! It was horrible!! But the giant was eventually taken down, and a general was ready to fight...

This bloke came from nowhere and started to fight, it was very impressive! a blur of swords and armour as the figure countered every attack from the general. When he finally fell a cheer began, the knight removed his helmet and it turns out it was the kings son, Madoc! Now I thoguht it was quite impressive but judging on the looks of other members of my parties faces they don't like him much so I didnt join in with the frivolity too much. Sometimes its just not worth the hassle to annoy people you have to travel with!

When we got back to Lincoln we had a nice feast and met a few people, and met the Duke of Cornwall's wife. Now I'd heard she was pretty but she was STUNNING!! She sang a song about everyone in the battle and I saw quite a few men in the room go goo-goo eyed.. Including the King. Thats not a good thing.

A few months down the line we're still recovering from the battle and the Duke of Cornwall hasn't gone home. Even though he's been fully healed for a while.

Turns out right... that the King seems to have a soft spot for the Dukes wife and might have upset the Duke a fair bit by refusing to let him leave Lincoln! When the Duke came to talk to us and see what we thought of it all I was a bit shocked really.. I understand that he might not be too happy but its the KING!! You do what the king says!!

I left the table at the point, I didnt want to hear his conspiring against the king, but the boys stayed. And I dont think they liked what they heard.

The duke excused himself and straight away Gwaire went up to the king, insisted he listen to him and told him that the Duke was planning to leave against the Kings wishes. This wasnt something the King wanted to hear and he got very angry.

We went to go and try to stop the Duke before it was too late, but when we got near his quarters his guards were there.. ready to die to support their duke. Loyalty into death... very humbling.

I looked outside and it had started to snow... well when i say stared to snow, it was a huge blizzard! I could barely see a horse length out of the window.. I wondered how the duke would ever be able to escape in that weather.. let alone have anyone chase him and bring him back.

Anyway, we killed the guards... not that we really wanted to, and I found that way back in the sands of time the Dukes wife was related to the Fae.

That would explain the almost 'magical' snowstorm in the middle of November.

So after an eventful year I went to see how my fifedom was going.

It wasn't. The cropps were bad, the markets hadn't done well, the new warehouses were almost empty. That'll teach me to spend too long away from home..

Oh... still no babies yet unfortunately. Maybe next year I'll have a child to carry on Lycus' name.

Untill Next year,


Friday, 8 October 2010

I Almost Forgot!!!

Werewolf the Apocalypse World

Ok.. so Shi... Shi is definitely an oddball. Born of two were wolves, which is against the werewolf code of conduct known as the Litany, she is flawed in some way. Being born from two werewolves is known as Metis and all metis either have a physical... or mental irregularity.

Shi's irregularity isn't immediately obvious, with her dull grey hair which shines like silver when its clean, her one ice blue and one emerald green eye, and the fact that she carries everything with her when she can.. including the kitchen sink if she finds one she likes that doesnt take too much effort to remove, she looks odd.

But she is only 24 and when you look past the strangeness and dress her up a bit she's a right stunner.

So it must be her mind thats... irregular.

And oh my.. is it ever irregular!

Her scottish accent is an acccident, it will change according to those she has around her, but noone knows where she actually came from and if asked she won't know either.

Her first and only love so far was her old geography teacher because he looked at her once... unlike everyone else who avoids her like the plague. Her interests change too frequently to keep up with and she rarely makes sense. Unfortunately this means when she works something out and says it she is rarely taken seriously.. even if she's right.

She can.. and will cook anything and has a natural ability to make people unaware of her. She will fight the evils in this world, caused by the Wyrm (the baddie of this world) with the help of her Geek friend and her Welsh friend, both of whom are very understanding of her altered mentals states, and will always allow her to fortify her sleeping areas and accept that she has a fear of beds.

The only thing worse than the wyrm, is the monster that lives under the bed.

Friday, 1 October 2010

Diary of Collwen.

Ok, so I got married at the end of last year and spent the entire winter away from my love... on the plus side I did get to do up my fifedom a little over the winter!

Anyway.. we got invited to this lovely city called Cirenceister. There I quickly realised, there would be a war council.
I got to spend the evening with Lycus after some questioning from the high ups about what we think we should be doing this year.

Unfortunately we still haven't had our first child but we'll keep trying!

Oh.. I went to this meal with a few of the people I've been travelling with and it was the best meal I've ever had EVER!! Swan, wine, oysters, the lot! I was enjoying it till the tone got all sombre and everyone started looking guilty.. from what I can tell, while I was protecting our homeland and marrying Lycus everyone else went to France and seemingly abandned some people there to be slaughtered, anyway I've promised I'll go there to help out reclaiming the lost areas when they next go.

Oh yeah.. so...I've been travellling (mostly) with this strange group of people, one who can't pronounce his Bs without stammering, and he has a crown shaped 'birthmark' on his face.. he says it shows his nobility.. i think it shows him to be a bit ugly really, but he's pretty well known. Another bloke who I haven't really got a clue what he does or who he is, but he has a good market in his town so I'll make the most of that, another who has an unhealthy obsession with killing Saxons  (his word of the year seems to have been bastards.. how very uncouth)

The lady I travel with is better.. she's pleasant, well known, liked and can sing which is a bonus in a tavern at night!

Anyway... we were in this Cirenceister place and had these questions about what we should do. Eventually the descision was to try and unite the lords of Britain, starting with the Cornish. So off we trotted to go see the bloke in charge of the Cornish.. I had my first taste of battle.. not that it came to anything, we're all lined up and ready to go when all of a sudden Uther gets out this proper shiney sword! Merlin spoke to the opposition and Uther gave them the land to the south to protect from invaders and suddenly everyone was friends!

So! Off we went to do some general cleaning up along Saxon borders and found these villagers all strung up and used for target practice and the people taken. We followed the tracks and went after the people who'd caused the problem, found about 20 ish saxons and started laying into them, the 'birthmark bloke' went straight for the guy in charge and had a proper good scrap with him, and I went to go save the captured people, after a few good fights and a couple of flesh wounds I managed to free them and when everyone else finished killing the Saxons they were fighting we sent them off home.. turned out some of them were nobility!

Anyway, when we got back to the tavern the lady I travel with decided to recount the tale of the whole thing through the medium of song, which was nice.. so now I have 'The ley of the Mercy of Collwen' going round my head and people humming it in the streets.. which I must admit is quite nice, but also embarressing!

So theres is the year 489 in a nutshell! No kids, but apparently everyone else in the family is having them so it must be my turn soon.. I got some better barns and warehouses to help store food for my fifedom and everyone seems to be starting to remember my name now.. Maybe soon I'll be able to sit closer to the high ups when they speak.. its difficult being less well known. you have to develop better hearing it you want to know whats going on...

Till next year!

Colly x

Saturday, 25 September 2010

Welcome to my Blog!!

Ok, so this is the start of the tour of the imaginary worlds of Nicky.
In these imaginary worlds I will be reffering to myself as a few different people.. and since this is the first blog, i think its about time you met them...

(Fools and Heroes world)
Sister Paris Badwanger of the Church of Tralda.

Known as Parry to the Dwarves, Paralar to her sister and little rock flower to her Dad, Paris is the youngest dwarf adventuring at the moment. She is a follower of the bearded goddess of luck and is advancing in the ranks of Priesthood.
Ithrons premier pop star, and a columnist for the Sintel Star, Paris is no stranger to fame (or at least thats what she thinks) She's constantly demonstrating human ways and the other dwarves don't approve. She even let one of them touch her beard once!

When she isn't saving the world through the grace of Tralda, she's acting with house Glindon as the 'fashion police'. In her daring ensemble of blue and orange she has a keep eye for this seasons hots, and this seasons definitely nots.

Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, Keeper of the Seven Secrets, Lady of Worlds End, Demonologist by Appointment of King Robbie.

An adopted member of the notoriously dodgy Jones family, Carmine can be a very dangerous lady if she so wished... but what makes her more dangerous is her position.. she is the Keeper of the seven secrets of demonology (KOSS) and is therefore the ambassador of the mortal plane (Mithra) to the demon plane (Sharda).

Married to the fittest man in Ithron, Ranier Wolfcastle-Jones, she has now secured the nobility of her children.

She is a Mage, and more specifically a demonologist, and is a 'Master' of that particular school of magic, she wears a lot of red (the name kinda suggests that) and so far her life has been a bit of a Jeremy Kyle show... if Jeremy Kyle existed in the medieval England-esque land of Ithron.

Her real father, Necromancer, Trevor McDonald (now a bad guy working for the puppetmaster of Sintel) left her when she was a baby, her mother died and she grew up in an orphanage. At the age of 11 her anger towards her life was manifested in cruelty towards others and she was taken as the 'chosen child' of Bequifis (the godess of pain and torture) but rescued by brave adventurers and adopted by Master Necromancer Billy -Bob Jones. Her real father then returned and teenage angst resumed.

Both her fathers turned evil in their persuit to protect her better, resulting in one being killed by his own family when he turned up as a litch and the other attending her wedding as an undead type... 'thing'

She has since saved the world (with help of course) with a mix of Magic and Geometry and become demonolgist by Royal appointment, by her old friend 'Robbie' Now King of Ithron but once Knight Commander of the Griffin Order.

Ok.. I think thats enough from Carmine for now... still only 16 years old but having 3 years of adventuring under her belt already, she's done a lot of stuff and has a fair amount of tales to tell...


Ilona Morin, Elven follower of Crowa, the Godess of Battle.

Ilona began adventuring in 1007 and supplicated to the rose order. After her first adventure, when she encountered the bridge of souls, she was left with dreams and nightmares of the past showing her a demonic eye in the sky above the Konn. She had visions of the Axirian primate of Rolbor in the temple of Sarl, through her visions she watched the battle of Sarl, the primate (the daughter of shelan) her bodyguard Shekane and the crowan Johannes Teugan fighting. She spent 6 months of solid research finding out all she could about the daughter of shelaine and what happened to her. She found the daughter of Shelaine was blind because of her sacrifice for her duty to protect the souls of those in the Konn from the evils of the demonic eye. Every time the eye looked upon the Konn the daughter of Shelaine’s eyes would bleed and she would be in immeasurable pain.
She spoke to ex-adventurers such as Maxine Steele-Badger, who was there when they first revisited the temple of Sarl and bit by bit pieced together what was happening in the Konn.
She died fighting bandits the week before the adventurers travelled to the Konn, she was resurrected by Bagfit in order to continue her work, as she was the only person with all the information needed to inform the adventurers in the Konn, dispite being helped by other adventurers of the time, such as Primate Henry Jekyl.
 The first year the adventurers went to the Konn (1007) Ilona went along with all her information in order to help the daughter of shelaine escape the authorities that were after her for the bounty placed on her head. This however left the Konn unprotected from the eye of Arda.
She sat in on a council meeting with the daughter of Shelaine to help organise someone taking over her position. Because of the danger she was in very few adventurers were told about her, or her plight. The then Primate of Crowa (Eric Bryers) volunteered to take over her position and protect the souls of those in the Konn. Unfortunately the very next day he called to Crowa for his final battle and died, leaving the Konn unprotected, and only Ilona with the knowledge that now millions of souls were in danger. After consultation with the acting primate (octavius) and the DoF of Crowa (Vau) it was agreed that she could leave the Rose order, remove her armour and supplicate to the priest hood, to be granted the primacy at the end of the month. She returned the primacy after 4 days having taken up the position of defender of the Konn from the eye of Arda. Her eyes were burnt out leaving her with only the ability to see demonic auras. Each time the eye looked upon the Konn her eyes would bleed and she would be in pain.
She retired from adventuring in order to protect the Konn for a year, undercover, from a prison camp containing dark elves from the 14th legion, until the adventurers returned, rescued her from the prison camp and took her to the safety of the compound of adventurers. As she was rescued she again met Henry Jekyl and relised he too could see demonic auras. When she was returned to safety she used the sacrifice of her eyes and ability to see demonic auras, along with the knowledge from Henry Jekyl to spread the ability to see demon auras throughout the adventuring community for high fathers and mothers of faith. Once the Eye of Arda had been safely returned to Arda and the Konn was no longer threatened, she was returned to Ithron by the adventurers  to work alongside the Rose order as a priestess.

(Runequest World)
Svala - Rune Priestess of Lanbril, Uleria and Donander

Now retired, Svala is a rune priestess of 3 cults.. Uleria, the goddess of love.. and she is a very accomplished cortesan, Donander, the God of entertainment and finally Lanbril, the God of thieves, and more specifically for her... assassins.

Tall, pretty and slender, she finds it easy to appease Uleria and get men into bed for money... but once they've done that they may end up a bit dead... but it depends f you deserve it or threaten her...

Having an issue with killing children got her iunto trouble when a small Broo child ran towards her and she refused to injure it... apparently even tiny children of Broo are evil.. even if they are primal and havent become evil yet.. (well done guys.. you just made the broo evil by killing an innocent child of theirs.. you're the reason that broo try to kill everyone now!)

Back to the trouble... she refused to kill it and therefore managed to get 'Illuminated' a VERY bad thing in the eyes of the rest of the party... but basically just an acceptance of other truths rather than just that of your own religion.

She avoided being found out by a mixture of lying and assassination of those who might blow her cover, and later retired in the service of a runelord of the sun god, Yelm.

Pya Goldbrow - (almost) Sword of Humakt.

Pya, a beutiful, golden haired lady followed fo the god of death, Humakt, Is a very distinct member of her current adventuring party.

Wearing Bezant armor everywhere but one leg would be interesting enough.. but that one leg has a groin to toe tattoo of the gift and kredoes of her god. Her hair erupts from the top of her scale helm and she carried a shield and Kukri.. despite her fellow Humakti telling her it isnt an honourable enough weapon... (whatever.. she's still better than him!! )

She is a skilled fighter and is extremely honourable.. she will not lie, she will never use poisons, she will never back down to dark creatures and she won't use anything other than her own cult weapons.

Currently she is in the middle of a campaign against some Vampiric Prince... I'll keep you updated on that one...

(Pendragon World)
Collwen, a Cymryc Christian from Cambernet in Cumbria, daughter of Clydnow.

Good use of accidental Alliteration there... sometimes the dice do have a sense of humour.

Collwen is now a Knight in service to Earl Roderic in Salisbury in the current year of 489. She has just married Lycos.. one of the Earls high up men, and owns the Fiefdom of Laverstock near Sarum.

Her tale is just starting....

(Secrets of the Third Reich / Wierd War II World)
Daisy-May Hitchcock

An elite mechanic and commander, Daisy-May is from the deep south of America. Her fiery red hair, Big Boobs, tiny clothing and complete love affair with anything mechanical makes her a prime cover girl for the fictional magazine 'Guns, Tats, Tits and Fire'.

its 1949 and world war II is still going on.. Hitler and the third reich began using occult technologies to help them continue the war effort.

Daisy-May has encountered (and helped kill, with the help of mechas) Zombies and the gas that creates them, Werewolves (and Jaegerhund), Posessed Mechas, Vampires, Sorcerors and Teutonic Knights powered by Tesla.

In her favourite Mecha R.A.T, 'Sally', she has fought many a battle, leading her other Mechas (Chastity, Purity and Terrence) to victory. Her story came to a relatively abrupt end after a dangerous encounter with a Bloodmage... she won.. but is that the end of that story?

(Halo O.D.S.T)
Sergeant Sarah Forbes-Benning, PHD.

With a doctorite in psychology, focussing on criminal psychology, forensics and parapsychology and a high level of training in Medicine you would think she'd work in a high power position as psychologist to powerful, and rich people.. but instead she is working with a team of ODST troopers as their medic.

That isn't to say her PHD hasn't come in handy though.. when you find your commander is more machine than man, the second in charge is severely paranoid and regularly muderous, the only person able to pilot anything has an unhealy relationship with machines and technology and the rest of the team arent much better you realise why she was placed within this particular group.

Between acting as their shrink and being accused of being a spook for her 2 year round the world trip (or as the paranoid member thinks.. unexplained, and probably spook related training gap...) She saves the world as part of her team, getting rid of world destroying bombs and saving multiple planets that are involved in the war.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten World (AFMBE)
Hannah Weiss

21 ish, amd on a gap year travelling the globe, Hannah used her artistic skills, her ability to juggle and her first aid training to get a job on her first stop of the tour, on a holiday island. She worked in the childrens club, bandaging scraped knees, being a clown, juggling and doing magic tricks, and doing face painting for the kids, despite her deep fear and hatred of children... well... that was until the zombies happened.

Very drunk, and dancing on tables one night (as you do when you hate your job) a fight broke out.. it turned out that one bloke was trying to eat the other.. then all hell broke loose and she teamed up with an unlikely bunch of people to try and survive the Zombie Apocolypse that has started on the island. They all seem very competant fighters.. for now.. but when she realises she is the only one without an addiction and dependancy on various drugs.. which are now not available... she may change her mind on their usefullness.

She is currently hauled up in the staff room of a mall, making PB and J sandwiches in case they cant find food anywhere else...

(Werewolf the Apocalypse World)

Ok.. so Shi... Shi is definitely an oddball. Born of two were wolves, which is against the werewolf code of conduct known as the Litany, she is flawed in some way. Being born from two werewolves is known as Metis and all metis either have a physical... or mental irregularity.

Shi's irregularity isn't immediately obvious, with her dull grey hair which shines like silver when its clean, her one ice blue and one emerald green eye, and the fact that she carries everything with her when she can.. including the kitchen sink if she finds one she likes that doesnt take too much effort to remove, she looks odd.

But she is only 24 and when you look past the strangeness and dress her up a bit she's a right stunner.

So it must be her mind thats... irregular.

And oh my.. is it ever irregular!

Her scottish accent is an acccident, it will change according to those she has around her, but noone knows where she actually came from and if asked she won't know either.

Her first and only love so far was her old geography teacher because he looked at her once... unlike everyone else who avoids her like the plague. Her interests change too frequently to keep up with and she rarely makes sense. Unfortunately this means when she works something out and says it she is rarely taken seriously.. even if she's right.

She can.. and will cook anything and has a natural ability to make people unaware of her. She will fight the evils in this world, caused by the Wyrm (the baddie of this world) with the help of her Geek friend and her Welsh friend, both of whom are very understanding of her altered mentals states, and will always allow her to fortify her sleeping areas and accept that she has a fear of beds.

The only thing worse than the wyrm, is the monster that lives under the bed.

So yeah.. I think thats all I (and my multiple characters) have been up to recently and this blog will chart their progress...

Welcome to the crazy, unpredictable and totally Imaginary worlds of Nicky!!