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Monday, 23 January 2012

Uz here.

Uz started out new search for darkness. The darkness wuz taken and uz have to make it right again.
Found a value and food to go with uz on journey. Also found little female, small like child but strong like little uz.
Roodug-Mar name I. To you, call me Roodug-Mar. Safer that way, you not get eat if you polite. Uz are strong, like darkness and better than you. I matriarch in new group cuz I can eat most of new group and ones I can't eat might be useful, have yet to decide that.

The foods are quick, I like challenge but if hungry I eat them like snack, use feathers to pick tusks after. They have stupid voices, like broken enlo, they weak.

Uz found warm place, but bright, got hat when left cave though so shaded little bit. Keep back to fire and can stay warm and not bright. The human place had special things to make little cave, like flat rock on sticks, when put rug over top makes it smell like cooking, but dark and hard like warm cave.

Had some weak drink and snack of goat. Was ok, but not as good as proper food and drinks.

Set off into swamp, was not nice, damp and bright. Had little fight with scorpians big as uz, the food were running round making noise and not much else, value human was good, did good fight but has weak skin. Little female dun ok too, but uz dun better.

Now got to find way into big rock building, it got deep water all around and uz not go in water deeper than third boobs so got to find new way in.

Will let you know when dun.