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Saturday, 27 November 2010

From Paris With Love.

How do adventurers of Sintel! I'm the new columnist for the Sintel Star, Paris Badwanger. My family Calls me Parry, me Pa calls me his little rock petal.

As you can tell from me hair, I'm a Dwarf. But I'm no ordinary dwarf, oh no! I'm a fashion concious proper Traldan, first wannabe popstar of Ithron!

You can tell fromt he way I wear me robes that I've got a dwarf load of style, this seasons colours are blue and orange for those who don't know, and I'm out there in Sintel and other places, keepin an eye out for anyone doing what they shouldnt be, and dressing like an elf.

Beware all you criminals, if you get yourself caught doin somthing illegal don't expect me to be as kind as some of them other Traldans, I ain't gonna raise money for ya. You should either not do owt illegal, or by the grace of Tralda don't get caught!

Yeh... I'm lookin at you Missis Kharachian gobby bugger. Can't keep your mouth shut in court, then don't go. Its ILLEGAL to go mouthing off! so don't do it!

Anyway. as I was sayin, I'm proper up on the fashions of Ithron. In me column I'll talk about who's hot and who definitely aint. And believe me, there's pleanty around that definitely aint hot.

Like them elves wot jumped down fromt he trees and attacked us.



Carmine's last stand

So. It turns out that according to Templeton, I'm preggers. Wulf was well happy when I told him. He said it was time to settle down, and sure enough the universe heard him and here I am, settling down.

I'm not going to be one of those mothers that risks her life and the life of her child by adventuring during pregnancy though. I've accepted a desk job at the merchant council. The first EVER arcane advisor! How cool is that!

Everyone has wished me well and said nice things. I do feel sad about retiring from adventuring life but when I look back at everything I've done I know I havent wasted my time.

I helped return the Eye of Arda to Sharda, I secured an entire compound fromt he effects of the planar alignment, I spent time in sharda negotiating with demons to stop them attacking Nippon, and to reduce the number of summonings answered. I took part in, and was a major aspect of, a number of rescue attempts, including scarlet oakdene when she was taken by the Tenebreous. I saved her soul fromt he binding tattoo that the Tenebreous put on her. I have rescued souls and bodies from Sharda, including Dan of lower bulge, George Cole and many others. I have made Sintel a safe reigion again, along with numerous adventurers, so that the risks to the reigion are significantly reduced. Whether the threats were demonic, undead, bandit, fouldspawn or unnatural I was there bside the good adventurers of Ithron helping to protect this holy land from those who seek to take it from us.

I went from the Bequifician chosen child, a misguided orphan with no other way of escaping her life, to being a Jones. Becoming a demonologist, with the help of Wesley and Kin (and berem a bit) becomign a master and understanding all that it entails, to taking up the mantle of Keeper of the Seven Secrets.
I went through courtship, taught a heartless criminal where his heart is, and to my great regret I then shattered it. Found true love in Wulf and became Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones KOSS, I was then promoted to Wife of a Baronette, making me Lady Carmine. The King, my good friend Robbie recognised my work and made me demonologist by royal appointment.

I've had to make friends, lose friends and kill those I love in order to protect he people I care about. Not many girls at 16 can say they've seen 2 of their fathers turn evil in the attempt to protect her, and then worked to help the adventuring community destroy them. Not many girls of 16 have gone what I have gone through and managed to come out the other side without turning evil.

I know that those who come after me will have an ex-adventurer , ex Keeper, and good friend  to be proud of.

Today I am proud to Call myself by the many names I have been known.

Carmine Jones.
Carmine Molly Macdonald
The Award Winning Carmine Jones
Mistress Carmine Jones MDem
Mistress Carmine Jones KOSS
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones KOSS
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, KOSS, Lady of Worlds End
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, KOSS, Lady of Worlds End, Demonologist by Royal Appointment
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, KOSS, Lady of Worlds End, Demonologist by Royal Appointment, Arcane Advisor to the Merchant Council of Sintel.

and now


C x

Diary of Collwen

Finally! I have a child to carry on my glory! Born in 491, I am now the proud mother of Arianwen, my baby girl.

It came at an unexpected time though... having spent almost the entire year out in Cornwall fighting against Gorlois's troops. It was damp, cold and mind numbingly bleak. We'd only occasionally get into decent scraps and push forward a little. When the main fight happened we weren't even prepared.

One evening we were just socialising as you must in conditions such as those, inorder to keep your sanity, and Gorlois and his troops attacked.

We spent a little time putting on armour and out we went. The fight was shorter than I thought it would be. I took down a number of his troops and we saw Madoc run to take down Gorlois.

Unfortunately Madoc fell. We prepared his body in a way that was fitting for a price. He died in Battle and Uther was devestated.

Although not so devestated that he didn't have time to marry Gorlois's widow. The wonman we went to war with Cornwall over. It was something of a scandal since he barely even left her a period of mourning for her now deceased husband.

She had a baby that year too. By timings it should be Gorlois's but there are rumours abound that it is Uthers.

Only time will tell how this will pan out.


Pya's journal

We travelled to Pavis again. Which was good. I'm skint so I'm having to stay in the Humakti temple, which is quite nice actually as it means I get to train the pathetic little fighters how to use a real weapon.

I'd much rather be out there killing that Vampire but if the best I can do at the moment is train others to defend themselves then so be it.

I spent a lot of time training myself too, improving my attacks and honing my skills. I got so good that I have finally achieved what I set out to do.

I am now a Sword of Humakt! Bran is almost there too which is good, it means we can both go out there and kick some undead ass with our reuseable awesome spells, and our excellent attacks.

I mustn't underestimate the Vampire though. It is pure evil. Trying to tempt us with power and glory but I know my Lord Humakt can provide that for me without having to condemn myself to eternal undeath.

There hasn't been much else to tell other than that. I spent one night very drunk in celebration (thanks for that bran) and the rest living on beans and bread in the temple. on the plus side though my strength has improved. Its all the protein in the beans that does it!

Anyway, untill next time, when we've hopefully smashed that Viva Morte git into the ground for good.


Shi's musings

I don't understand why people don't like me. Rats like me. Pigeons like me. But people? They look at me like I'm something they stood in, like poo or a tin of marbles.

I tried speaking to Sid about it but he was too busy on his games and I didn't know what to do.

I've been spending a lot of time in the park. The Wyrm isn't as strong there, and people leave behind the strangest things that i can use! From barely eaten pies, to still warm coffees, its been quite nice to have something tht isnt made from something i'd caught!
I suppose thats the only good thing about people moving away from me.. they leave behind tasty stuff.

One night we all got together and played draughts and buckaroo, but I dont think the other guys liked it very much, they let me win draughts just so they didn't have to touch the pieces I found. I'd spent all day looking for perfectly circular bits of trodden chewing gum, and it took me hours to get they unstuck from the pavement.
Nobody won Buckaroo though because the buck has broken. So basically it just became about balancing things on top of the horse and they called a stop to it when i had run out of plastic pieces and moved onto living things like my pet spider that lives under the sink.

I had one really lovely day though, I hit dustbin gold and found 2 wellies! They were almost the same colour, one was a really dark purple and the other was green, so I was happy about that, and they fitted almost perfectly except they were both for your left foot, which is good for me cos my mum always said I had two left feet. And I used them to jump in puddles.. there wasn't many so I had to find them where I could, like down side alleys on a sturday night. Drowning ants was good too.

When we were out doing... something as our dog forms we had a bit of a run in with the dog catchers though. They took us in... They tempted me with whiskey in a bowl and then eventually won me over with the use of a net. It wasn't too bad, I was quite happy there, we got fed, and got lots of drinks, the catcher bloke kept bringing me whiskey and they gave me a pill that stopped me dragging myself round the floor which was nice.

And my hair has gone all shiney and silver again! I forgot it was like that, it had become all grey and matted from not doing anything with it but they gave me a bath, and a nail... thing.. and a hair cut and stuff, it was lovely! And the woman doing it didnt seem to mind doing it either!

Unfortunately the niceness stopped when a bloke came in and killed one of the catchers. The other one was very hurt but he's ok now, he got better in hospital.

Apparently it was some Vampire thing. Not nice. And I had to pretend to be Sids PA so we could speak to him. Apparently he's into traffiking humans.

Anyway, I'd best go steal me another outfit, I cant wear the same thing every time I meet this vampire cos they say its suspicious.