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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Welcome to my Blog!!

Ok, so this is the start of the tour of the imaginary worlds of Nicky.
In these imaginary worlds I will be reffering to myself as a few different people.. and since this is the first blog, i think its about time you met them...

(Fools and Heroes world)
Sister Paris Badwanger of the Church of Tralda.

Known as Parry to the Dwarves, Paralar to her sister and little rock flower to her Dad, Paris is the youngest dwarf adventuring at the moment. She is a follower of the bearded goddess of luck and is advancing in the ranks of Priesthood.
Ithrons premier pop star, and a columnist for the Sintel Star, Paris is no stranger to fame (or at least thats what she thinks) She's constantly demonstrating human ways and the other dwarves don't approve. She even let one of them touch her beard once!

When she isn't saving the world through the grace of Tralda, she's acting with house Glindon as the 'fashion police'. In her daring ensemble of blue and orange she has a keep eye for this seasons hots, and this seasons definitely nots.

Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, Keeper of the Seven Secrets, Lady of Worlds End, Demonologist by Appointment of King Robbie.

An adopted member of the notoriously dodgy Jones family, Carmine can be a very dangerous lady if she so wished... but what makes her more dangerous is her position.. she is the Keeper of the seven secrets of demonology (KOSS) and is therefore the ambassador of the mortal plane (Mithra) to the demon plane (Sharda).

Married to the fittest man in Ithron, Ranier Wolfcastle-Jones, she has now secured the nobility of her children.

She is a Mage, and more specifically a demonologist, and is a 'Master' of that particular school of magic, she wears a lot of red (the name kinda suggests that) and so far her life has been a bit of a Jeremy Kyle show... if Jeremy Kyle existed in the medieval England-esque land of Ithron.

Her real father, Necromancer, Trevor McDonald (now a bad guy working for the puppetmaster of Sintel) left her when she was a baby, her mother died and she grew up in an orphanage. At the age of 11 her anger towards her life was manifested in cruelty towards others and she was taken as the 'chosen child' of Bequifis (the godess of pain and torture) but rescued by brave adventurers and adopted by Master Necromancer Billy -Bob Jones. Her real father then returned and teenage angst resumed.

Both her fathers turned evil in their persuit to protect her better, resulting in one being killed by his own family when he turned up as a litch and the other attending her wedding as an undead type... 'thing'

She has since saved the world (with help of course) with a mix of Magic and Geometry and become demonolgist by Royal appointment, by her old friend 'Robbie' Now King of Ithron but once Knight Commander of the Griffin Order.

Ok.. I think thats enough from Carmine for now... still only 16 years old but having 3 years of adventuring under her belt already, she's done a lot of stuff and has a fair amount of tales to tell...


Ilona Morin, Elven follower of Crowa, the Godess of Battle.

Ilona began adventuring in 1007 and supplicated to the rose order. After her first adventure, when she encountered the bridge of souls, she was left with dreams and nightmares of the past showing her a demonic eye in the sky above the Konn. She had visions of the Axirian primate of Rolbor in the temple of Sarl, through her visions she watched the battle of Sarl, the primate (the daughter of shelan) her bodyguard Shekane and the crowan Johannes Teugan fighting. She spent 6 months of solid research finding out all she could about the daughter of shelaine and what happened to her. She found the daughter of Shelaine was blind because of her sacrifice for her duty to protect the souls of those in the Konn from the evils of the demonic eye. Every time the eye looked upon the Konn the daughter of Shelaine’s eyes would bleed and she would be in immeasurable pain.
She spoke to ex-adventurers such as Maxine Steele-Badger, who was there when they first revisited the temple of Sarl and bit by bit pieced together what was happening in the Konn.
She died fighting bandits the week before the adventurers travelled to the Konn, she was resurrected by Bagfit in order to continue her work, as she was the only person with all the information needed to inform the adventurers in the Konn, dispite being helped by other adventurers of the time, such as Primate Henry Jekyl.
 The first year the adventurers went to the Konn (1007) Ilona went along with all her information in order to help the daughter of shelaine escape the authorities that were after her for the bounty placed on her head. This however left the Konn unprotected from the eye of Arda.
She sat in on a council meeting with the daughter of Shelaine to help organise someone taking over her position. Because of the danger she was in very few adventurers were told about her, or her plight. The then Primate of Crowa (Eric Bryers) volunteered to take over her position and protect the souls of those in the Konn. Unfortunately the very next day he called to Crowa for his final battle and died, leaving the Konn unprotected, and only Ilona with the knowledge that now millions of souls were in danger. After consultation with the acting primate (octavius) and the DoF of Crowa (Vau) it was agreed that she could leave the Rose order, remove her armour and supplicate to the priest hood, to be granted the primacy at the end of the month. She returned the primacy after 4 days having taken up the position of defender of the Konn from the eye of Arda. Her eyes were burnt out leaving her with only the ability to see demonic auras. Each time the eye looked upon the Konn her eyes would bleed and she would be in pain.
She retired from adventuring in order to protect the Konn for a year, undercover, from a prison camp containing dark elves from the 14th legion, until the adventurers returned, rescued her from the prison camp and took her to the safety of the compound of adventurers. As she was rescued she again met Henry Jekyl and relised he too could see demonic auras. When she was returned to safety she used the sacrifice of her eyes and ability to see demonic auras, along with the knowledge from Henry Jekyl to spread the ability to see demon auras throughout the adventuring community for high fathers and mothers of faith. Once the Eye of Arda had been safely returned to Arda and the Konn was no longer threatened, she was returned to Ithron by the adventurers  to work alongside the Rose order as a priestess.

(Runequest World)
Svala - Rune Priestess of Lanbril, Uleria and Donander

Now retired, Svala is a rune priestess of 3 cults.. Uleria, the goddess of love.. and she is a very accomplished cortesan, Donander, the God of entertainment and finally Lanbril, the God of thieves, and more specifically for her... assassins.

Tall, pretty and slender, she finds it easy to appease Uleria and get men into bed for money... but once they've done that they may end up a bit dead... but it depends f you deserve it or threaten her...

Having an issue with killing children got her iunto trouble when a small Broo child ran towards her and she refused to injure it... apparently even tiny children of Broo are evil.. even if they are primal and havent become evil yet.. (well done guys.. you just made the broo evil by killing an innocent child of theirs.. you're the reason that broo try to kill everyone now!)

Back to the trouble... she refused to kill it and therefore managed to get 'Illuminated' a VERY bad thing in the eyes of the rest of the party... but basically just an acceptance of other truths rather than just that of your own religion.

She avoided being found out by a mixture of lying and assassination of those who might blow her cover, and later retired in the service of a runelord of the sun god, Yelm.

Pya Goldbrow - (almost) Sword of Humakt.

Pya, a beutiful, golden haired lady followed fo the god of death, Humakt, Is a very distinct member of her current adventuring party.

Wearing Bezant armor everywhere but one leg would be interesting enough.. but that one leg has a groin to toe tattoo of the gift and kredoes of her god. Her hair erupts from the top of her scale helm and she carried a shield and Kukri.. despite her fellow Humakti telling her it isnt an honourable enough weapon... (whatever.. she's still better than him!! )

She is a skilled fighter and is extremely honourable.. she will not lie, she will never use poisons, she will never back down to dark creatures and she won't use anything other than her own cult weapons.

Currently she is in the middle of a campaign against some Vampiric Prince... I'll keep you updated on that one...

(Pendragon World)
Collwen, a Cymryc Christian from Cambernet in Cumbria, daughter of Clydnow.

Good use of accidental Alliteration there... sometimes the dice do have a sense of humour.

Collwen is now a Knight in service to Earl Roderic in Salisbury in the current year of 489. She has just married Lycos.. one of the Earls high up men, and owns the Fiefdom of Laverstock near Sarum.

Her tale is just starting....

(Secrets of the Third Reich / Wierd War II World)
Daisy-May Hitchcock

An elite mechanic and commander, Daisy-May is from the deep south of America. Her fiery red hair, Big Boobs, tiny clothing and complete love affair with anything mechanical makes her a prime cover girl for the fictional magazine 'Guns, Tats, Tits and Fire'.

its 1949 and world war II is still going on.. Hitler and the third reich began using occult technologies to help them continue the war effort.

Daisy-May has encountered (and helped kill, with the help of mechas) Zombies and the gas that creates them, Werewolves (and Jaegerhund), Posessed Mechas, Vampires, Sorcerors and Teutonic Knights powered by Tesla.

In her favourite Mecha R.A.T, 'Sally', she has fought many a battle, leading her other Mechas (Chastity, Purity and Terrence) to victory. Her story came to a relatively abrupt end after a dangerous encounter with a Bloodmage... she won.. but is that the end of that story?

(Halo O.D.S.T)
Sergeant Sarah Forbes-Benning, PHD.

With a doctorite in psychology, focussing on criminal psychology, forensics and parapsychology and a high level of training in Medicine you would think she'd work in a high power position as psychologist to powerful, and rich people.. but instead she is working with a team of ODST troopers as their medic.

That isn't to say her PHD hasn't come in handy though.. when you find your commander is more machine than man, the second in charge is severely paranoid and regularly muderous, the only person able to pilot anything has an unhealy relationship with machines and technology and the rest of the team arent much better you realise why she was placed within this particular group.

Between acting as their shrink and being accused of being a spook for her 2 year round the world trip (or as the paranoid member thinks.. unexplained, and probably spook related training gap...) She saves the world as part of her team, getting rid of world destroying bombs and saving multiple planets that are involved in the war.

All Flesh Must Be Eaten World (AFMBE)
Hannah Weiss

21 ish, amd on a gap year travelling the globe, Hannah used her artistic skills, her ability to juggle and her first aid training to get a job on her first stop of the tour, on a holiday island. She worked in the childrens club, bandaging scraped knees, being a clown, juggling and doing magic tricks, and doing face painting for the kids, despite her deep fear and hatred of children... well... that was until the zombies happened.

Very drunk, and dancing on tables one night (as you do when you hate your job) a fight broke out.. it turned out that one bloke was trying to eat the other.. then all hell broke loose and she teamed up with an unlikely bunch of people to try and survive the Zombie Apocolypse that has started on the island. They all seem very competant fighters.. for now.. but when she realises she is the only one without an addiction and dependancy on various drugs.. which are now not available... she may change her mind on their usefullness.

She is currently hauled up in the staff room of a mall, making PB and J sandwiches in case they cant find food anywhere else...

(Werewolf the Apocalypse World)

Ok.. so Shi... Shi is definitely an oddball. Born of two were wolves, which is against the werewolf code of conduct known as the Litany, she is flawed in some way. Being born from two werewolves is known as Metis and all metis either have a physical... or mental irregularity.

Shi's irregularity isn't immediately obvious, with her dull grey hair which shines like silver when its clean, her one ice blue and one emerald green eye, and the fact that she carries everything with her when she can.. including the kitchen sink if she finds one she likes that doesnt take too much effort to remove, she looks odd.

But she is only 24 and when you look past the strangeness and dress her up a bit she's a right stunner.

So it must be her mind thats... irregular.

And oh my.. is it ever irregular!

Her scottish accent is an acccident, it will change according to those she has around her, but noone knows where she actually came from and if asked she won't know either.

Her first and only love so far was her old geography teacher because he looked at her once... unlike everyone else who avoids her like the plague. Her interests change too frequently to keep up with and she rarely makes sense. Unfortunately this means when she works something out and says it she is rarely taken seriously.. even if she's right.

She can.. and will cook anything and has a natural ability to make people unaware of her. She will fight the evils in this world, caused by the Wyrm (the baddie of this world) with the help of her Geek friend and her Welsh friend, both of whom are very understanding of her altered mentals states, and will always allow her to fortify her sleeping areas and accept that she has a fear of beds.

The only thing worse than the wyrm, is the monster that lives under the bed.

So yeah.. I think thats all I (and my multiple characters) have been up to recently and this blog will chart their progress...

Welcome to the crazy, unpredictable and totally Imaginary worlds of Nicky!!

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