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Friday, 1 October 2010

Diary of Collwen.

Ok, so I got married at the end of last year and spent the entire winter away from my love... on the plus side I did get to do up my fifedom a little over the winter!

Anyway.. we got invited to this lovely city called Cirenceister. There I quickly realised, there would be a war council.
I got to spend the evening with Lycus after some questioning from the high ups about what we think we should be doing this year.

Unfortunately we still haven't had our first child but we'll keep trying!

Oh.. I went to this meal with a few of the people I've been travelling with and it was the best meal I've ever had EVER!! Swan, wine, oysters, the lot! I was enjoying it till the tone got all sombre and everyone started looking guilty.. from what I can tell, while I was protecting our homeland and marrying Lycus everyone else went to France and seemingly abandned some people there to be slaughtered, anyway I've promised I'll go there to help out reclaiming the lost areas when they next go.

Oh yeah.. so...I've been travellling (mostly) with this strange group of people, one who can't pronounce his Bs without stammering, and he has a crown shaped 'birthmark' on his face.. he says it shows his nobility.. i think it shows him to be a bit ugly really, but he's pretty well known. Another bloke who I haven't really got a clue what he does or who he is, but he has a good market in his town so I'll make the most of that, another who has an unhealthy obsession with killing Saxons  (his word of the year seems to have been bastards.. how very uncouth)

The lady I travel with is better.. she's pleasant, well known, liked and can sing which is a bonus in a tavern at night!

Anyway... we were in this Cirenceister place and had these questions about what we should do. Eventually the descision was to try and unite the lords of Britain, starting with the Cornish. So off we trotted to go see the bloke in charge of the Cornish.. I had my first taste of battle.. not that it came to anything, we're all lined up and ready to go when all of a sudden Uther gets out this proper shiney sword! Merlin spoke to the opposition and Uther gave them the land to the south to protect from invaders and suddenly everyone was friends!

So! Off we went to do some general cleaning up along Saxon borders and found these villagers all strung up and used for target practice and the people taken. We followed the tracks and went after the people who'd caused the problem, found about 20 ish saxons and started laying into them, the 'birthmark bloke' went straight for the guy in charge and had a proper good scrap with him, and I went to go save the captured people, after a few good fights and a couple of flesh wounds I managed to free them and when everyone else finished killing the Saxons they were fighting we sent them off home.. turned out some of them were nobility!

Anyway, when we got back to the tavern the lady I travel with decided to recount the tale of the whole thing through the medium of song, which was nice.. so now I have 'The ley of the Mercy of Collwen' going round my head and people humming it in the streets.. which I must admit is quite nice, but also embarressing!

So theres is the year 489 in a nutshell! No kids, but apparently everyone else in the family is having them so it must be my turn soon.. I got some better barns and warehouses to help store food for my fifedom and everyone seems to be starting to remember my name now.. Maybe soon I'll be able to sit closer to the high ups when they speak.. its difficult being less well known. you have to develop better hearing it you want to know whats going on...

Till next year!

Colly x

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