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Friday, 3 February 2012

Uz again.

Got into that stone building. it wuz full of humans with sharp metal. Uz smashed them all. Value helped some and little female brought little female friend along, and both of them helped. Food wuz running round under Uz, nearly ended up stood on or gunt ring decoration but Uz not want to get their disease so Uz wuz very careful. One of the food chopped off a humans dangly bits. Stupid human never saw it coming!

The place wuz big and strange, a little human stood at the back doing bad things, dark magics and try to do rituals with animals. He wuz stopped... maybe by food, maybe by value, maybe by females Uz wasn't watching, Uz had more important things to do. There wuz a door and behind that door I could feel darkness. Not good, stange and bad. Smelled bad, tasted bad, Uz had to finish the human who wuz trying to poke Uz with metal and by then the bad little human had gone into the door!

Uz went over and opened door with my rock-on-a-stick, very effective. Inside wuz more little humans, some with things to give me new holes from a distance others hiding in coward holes with long pole with metal on. Uz took some damage, sharp sticks in boobs and leg but one female wuz there helping Uz kill bad humans. When they wuz all dead I went up the stairs. At the top wuz something horrible, terrible and evil. The bad little human wuz trying to stop his arm stump bleeding and wuz casting new stuff. He wuz killed but rose again to try and kill Uz with cold, he got killed again. In the corner wuz a cave troll, eveil bad and big. Chained up and had inside it the darkness. It was swirling and nasty, pouring in and out of all his face holes.

Uz is big. Cave troll is bigger. And stupider.

All the people helped to smash the badness, and even though the foods got fallen on when the cave troll fell over, everyone was ok..... but getting weaker and weaker till only Uz and human females left. Proves that females iz better than puny males and foods. Tried to cast magics to bind the darkness and stop it from leaving but it wuz too much, strong and making Uz weak. We had to leave and it went bang. The tower stones fell but we wuz safe outside. We took broken rocks back to a temple to be fixed, now they can be used to make the harvests good again.

The darkness had gone somewhere. It had taken the body of the bad little human. Now Uz has to go get it back and bind it properly this time. Uz needs to do job set out to do. Uz is in charge of the stone building now. It was given uz for doing well, but got to keep doing well to make sure everything is ok for the little people living in the stone building.

Uz going now to do job. Find darkness, bind darkness, make the soggy place safer and the darkness complete.

Uz out.


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