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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Uz doing good.

Roodug-Mar is mighty troll shamen, working for Uz-ko to recover darkness from depths of marsh and today, Uz done good.

Little human heard about hings in swamp, went to have a look and things what scream were there. Undead things what make lots of noise until all but Troll stand still.

We found big sinking ship, wuz not nice, had nasty things in and Uz could feel darkness in there, bad darkness so while little humans talked and foods flapped Uz put bolgs in ears and went in. Little humans soon followed.

Inside there wuz nasty undeads, just as little human said they screamed and made one feathered foods panic, the other flapped more.. Uz think he wuz trying to help but Uz never sure what feathered foods mean to do...

Uz fought and killed some of the undeads, then went up a level and left little humans to kill undeads, took one female withme, and a feathered foods too, Uz think he wuz scared and sees me as matriarch so he follows Uz for safety... hur hur, won't be much safety with me if Uz get peckish!!

Some little females wuz on that level, they all crying and scared, Uz tried to tell them "be quiet, I helping" but they just scream at me, Uz understand though, they just weak little humans, they can't help being so pathetic. Uz left female to look after other females, she know what to do and uz carried on up.

Then I saw it, the darkness... Thed... Nasty bad goddess, does rape and disgusting things, not good, not good at all! Uz is all that stood between darkness doing bad everywhere, so Uz start doing my job.

First I needed a relevant shape and item for binding darkness, luckily Uz had bag of bolgs to help with this so Uz made small man parts from bolgs, shape is symbolic. Very important.

Uz started to bind darkness, it worked! Then ship start to sink and Uz not float well so Uz left very quickly. Once on more solid ground Uz continued ritual and swallowed Bolg man parts. Now Uz is keeper of that darkness, to add to others until got them all to take back to Gu-han. Uz can use the darkness in quest too. It not bad any more so Uz can control it.

Little humans want to stay in for a while now, in our place, but lot of hurt there so Uz going to make indoors my space, make it better and better until it like second cave.


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