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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Uz got Enlo now...

When Uz came into marsh Uz wasn't expecting to have trolls around, but the marsh always seems to do the unexpected.

Uz wuz happily sleeping, when Little human came in to wake up Roodug-mar... rude! But Uz was ok about it cuz it was for other Trolls, a merchant group on riding beetles wuz outside, apparently last time they travelled through here they stopped in my new place because there wuz lots of goats for eatings and shelter.

Because it is good hospitality Uz invited them in, we drank Argan Lager and talked lots, Little human tried some stronger stuff and passed out, but he wuz put to bed safe. The troll leader wuz priest of Argan Argar, and offered to make Uz a shrine to him in my place, Uz said yes and even Foods decided to become initiate of the troll god... Uz finds that odd.. but ok. This little feathered foods really does look up to me as martiarch, itz cute. He thinks he's Uz!

When merchants leaving, they said they visit again in a few seasons, maybe next time we can buy stuff from them, and to thanks Uz for hospitality trolls gave Uz, little human and black feathered food gifts, magically infused bolg scultures, fine pieces of bolg craftsmanship, good and heavy, to help Uz on journey. Uz also got to of the range fashionable obsidian eyewear to stop the hurt... look Uz got etching done...

Uz travelled into Marsh because trolls mentioned some darkness 5 days travel away, and naughty enlo what escaped from masters and it's  Uz duty to sort that sort of thing out. Travelled long time, lots through the hurt place, and fought big flying things, until got to where Enlo were.

They found a dead dinosaur! No darkness there, but there used to be, Uz think darkness and drauger from first fight killed dinosaur but now Enlo eating into it and making new cave system on for Enlo inside its body.

Uz went in to sort them out, killed some to show strength, and for foods, tasty tasty Enlo... Eventually Uz got to talk to Enlo that wanted to not die and be eaten. Made a deal with them, we got all the treasures they'd stolen from people, and some Enlo to come work for Uz and the rest stay with dinosaur to make new life.

If they start being too bad, Uz will go get them, they very easy to kill.

Uz got Chet, enlo who came to talk to Uz, we told him he value now, so less likely to be eaten, we got Smelch and Felch, the remind me of feathered foods... and Oden. All got new bolg collars to show they belong to Uz and they do work for Uz now.

Uz will go find the big darkness soon, it getting strong to take down big dinomonster.


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