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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Pya's journal

We travelled to Pavis again. Which was good. I'm skint so I'm having to stay in the Humakti temple, which is quite nice actually as it means I get to train the pathetic little fighters how to use a real weapon.

I'd much rather be out there killing that Vampire but if the best I can do at the moment is train others to defend themselves then so be it.

I spent a lot of time training myself too, improving my attacks and honing my skills. I got so good that I have finally achieved what I set out to do.

I am now a Sword of Humakt! Bran is almost there too which is good, it means we can both go out there and kick some undead ass with our reuseable awesome spells, and our excellent attacks.

I mustn't underestimate the Vampire though. It is pure evil. Trying to tempt us with power and glory but I know my Lord Humakt can provide that for me without having to condemn myself to eternal undeath.

There hasn't been much else to tell other than that. I spent one night very drunk in celebration (thanks for that bran) and the rest living on beans and bread in the temple. on the plus side though my strength has improved. Its all the protein in the beans that does it!

Anyway, untill next time, when we've hopefully smashed that Viva Morte git into the ground for good.


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