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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Diary of Collwen

Finally! I have a child to carry on my glory! Born in 491, I am now the proud mother of Arianwen, my baby girl.

It came at an unexpected time though... having spent almost the entire year out in Cornwall fighting against Gorlois's troops. It was damp, cold and mind numbingly bleak. We'd only occasionally get into decent scraps and push forward a little. When the main fight happened we weren't even prepared.

One evening we were just socialising as you must in conditions such as those, inorder to keep your sanity, and Gorlois and his troops attacked.

We spent a little time putting on armour and out we went. The fight was shorter than I thought it would be. I took down a number of his troops and we saw Madoc run to take down Gorlois.

Unfortunately Madoc fell. We prepared his body in a way that was fitting for a price. He died in Battle and Uther was devestated.

Although not so devestated that he didn't have time to marry Gorlois's widow. The wonman we went to war with Cornwall over. It was something of a scandal since he barely even left her a period of mourning for her now deceased husband.

She had a baby that year too. By timings it should be Gorlois's but there are rumours abound that it is Uthers.

Only time will tell how this will pan out.


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