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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Carmine's last stand

So. It turns out that according to Templeton, I'm preggers. Wulf was well happy when I told him. He said it was time to settle down, and sure enough the universe heard him and here I am, settling down.

I'm not going to be one of those mothers that risks her life and the life of her child by adventuring during pregnancy though. I've accepted a desk job at the merchant council. The first EVER arcane advisor! How cool is that!

Everyone has wished me well and said nice things. I do feel sad about retiring from adventuring life but when I look back at everything I've done I know I havent wasted my time.

I helped return the Eye of Arda to Sharda, I secured an entire compound fromt he effects of the planar alignment, I spent time in sharda negotiating with demons to stop them attacking Nippon, and to reduce the number of summonings answered. I took part in, and was a major aspect of, a number of rescue attempts, including scarlet oakdene when she was taken by the Tenebreous. I saved her soul fromt he binding tattoo that the Tenebreous put on her. I have rescued souls and bodies from Sharda, including Dan of lower bulge, George Cole and many others. I have made Sintel a safe reigion again, along with numerous adventurers, so that the risks to the reigion are significantly reduced. Whether the threats were demonic, undead, bandit, fouldspawn or unnatural I was there bside the good adventurers of Ithron helping to protect this holy land from those who seek to take it from us.

I went from the Bequifician chosen child, a misguided orphan with no other way of escaping her life, to being a Jones. Becoming a demonologist, with the help of Wesley and Kin (and berem a bit) becomign a master and understanding all that it entails, to taking up the mantle of Keeper of the Seven Secrets.
I went through courtship, taught a heartless criminal where his heart is, and to my great regret I then shattered it. Found true love in Wulf and became Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones KOSS, I was then promoted to Wife of a Baronette, making me Lady Carmine. The King, my good friend Robbie recognised my work and made me demonologist by royal appointment.

I've had to make friends, lose friends and kill those I love in order to protect he people I care about. Not many girls at 16 can say they've seen 2 of their fathers turn evil in the attempt to protect her, and then worked to help the adventuring community destroy them. Not many girls of 16 have gone what I have gone through and managed to come out the other side without turning evil.

I know that those who come after me will have an ex-adventurer , ex Keeper, and good friend  to be proud of.

Today I am proud to Call myself by the many names I have been known.

Carmine Jones.
Carmine Molly Macdonald
The Award Winning Carmine Jones
Mistress Carmine Jones MDem
Mistress Carmine Jones KOSS
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones KOSS
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, KOSS, Lady of Worlds End
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, KOSS, Lady of Worlds End, Demonologist by Royal Appointment
Mistress Carmine Wolfcastle-Jones, KOSS, Lady of Worlds End, Demonologist by Royal Appointment, Arcane Advisor to the Merchant Council of Sintel.

and now


C x

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