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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Dear Ranier

Dear Ranier,

I've had an interesting weekend this weekend! I travelled up to Sintel as I usually do for the hiring, and decided to go after some missing people, it seems that a coupel of the adventurers on the party knew them so I thought it would be nice for me to go. Plus it made more sense than me going to kill some undead...

Anyway, so I thought I'd ask about a bit to find out what is going on, I knew people were going missing but hadn't a clue what the link between them was! They were between 16-25 but thats not really a reason, they were'nt all girls or all boys...

I was speaking to Cuckoo and Leo and apparently all the people who have gone missing have been fostered, little meg mouldheel (Horace's missis) Clem, Sasha, Martha, Glaywar, William, all of them!

It turns out right.. that they are all werewolves!! Apparently there is some sort of war going on with the werewolves in Ithron, Ones that think they should all be Longstorian, some think they should all be Krygonite, some believe they are the master race and others just want them to all be free and have their own free will (that one sound the best to me.

There are even werewolf families heading uip the sides in the way, The Von Bloods are all about the werewolf supremicy, master race and all that, Astor is for Krygan and some bloke called Tyren who apparently was behind it or perhaps it was his brother, he'd been collecting all the people who were fostered and had werewolf in them, and made them change, they all looked so scared, lost and angy. When we left we took them with us, back to Cnut where apparently there are some people (who i think were also werewolves) that can help them. Tim was looking after little meg, I felt so bad for him, it must have been a shock to find out your new wife is a werewolf, but he seemed to be handling it well.

We managed to kill Tyrens brother (i think) but he did something to cuckoo and leo that made them forget who they really are and shift their forms forcibly. They seemed so animalistic, not anything like I've seen cuckoo before.. it was the first time I'd met leo but he seemed lovely until then.

I don't believe it was the real them, I think he'd done something to them to make them so angry that they couldnt listen to reason. Leo tried to kill me but I'm ok now, and he seemed very upset that he'd tried to hurt me, and he apologised. I said it was ok. It really wasnt his fault. I dont think he bit me at least so thats good.. but i suppose that will be tested shortly, the moon is almost full! (if thats what happens.. I dont know much about werewolf lore to be honest.)

Oh.. and I saw Gerald for the first time. He's a dick. He but Atlas Ryan up and sent him all over the place, smarmy git. Although he was very polite to me.. but I dont suppose that would count for much to the religious people who are dead set on ending his existance.

I also had a prediction made for me.. I picked a card out of a pack and it was like a ball of fire.. he said there would be something good happening to me, somehting special.

Suppose we'll have to wait and see what thats about huh!

Anyway. I'll be home soon and I'll bring some of the halfling pies from the escaped Clepton halflings(not halflings in them.. made by halflings.)

Remember to take Bastard for a walk every night, and he likes his meat well done!

Love you, see you soon.

C x

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