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Friday, 8 October 2010

I Almost Forgot!!!

Werewolf the Apocalypse World

Ok.. so Shi... Shi is definitely an oddball. Born of two were wolves, which is against the werewolf code of conduct known as the Litany, she is flawed in some way. Being born from two werewolves is known as Metis and all metis either have a physical... or mental irregularity.

Shi's irregularity isn't immediately obvious, with her dull grey hair which shines like silver when its clean, her one ice blue and one emerald green eye, and the fact that she carries everything with her when she can.. including the kitchen sink if she finds one she likes that doesnt take too much effort to remove, she looks odd.

But she is only 24 and when you look past the strangeness and dress her up a bit she's a right stunner.

So it must be her mind thats... irregular.

And oh my.. is it ever irregular!

Her scottish accent is an acccident, it will change according to those she has around her, but noone knows where she actually came from and if asked she won't know either.

Her first and only love so far was her old geography teacher because he looked at her once... unlike everyone else who avoids her like the plague. Her interests change too frequently to keep up with and she rarely makes sense. Unfortunately this means when she works something out and says it she is rarely taken seriously.. even if she's right.

She can.. and will cook anything and has a natural ability to make people unaware of her. She will fight the evils in this world, caused by the Wyrm (the baddie of this world) with the help of her Geek friend and her Welsh friend, both of whom are very understanding of her altered mentals states, and will always allow her to fortify her sleeping areas and accept that she has a fear of beds.

The only thing worse than the wyrm, is the monster that lives under the bed.

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