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Saturday, 23 October 2010

Journal of Pya

Well... I'm feeling a little worse for wear... But that won't be explained till the end.. for now we have to go back to the start.

A few days ago we arrived in this new city in sun county, they're having a competition for the hand of a lady there and because of this prophecy we think we have something to do with her so here we are, competing in a competition.

The first night was fine! Free BBQ ribs which were gorgeous, a warm bed, some chatting and trying to find out about the other competitors.

We had to be up just before dawn for the yelmalio worshippers, and also to keep up their cheeky deal to increase trade in the city during the tournament. Noone is allowed to sleep in the streets or on roofs... you are allowed to go out of the city but the gates close a dusk and dont open until after dawn... by then the games have started so if you want to see them you have to sleep inside the city.. or just dont sleep.

Anyway, we got up before dawn and headed to the arena to introduce outselves to the crowd and start the first competition. Bran was there but decided not to enter the competitions. (Worried I'd beat him and couldn't stand the embaressment when I do I suspect. Then again I have a sneaky feeling he might grab a sneaky peek of my journal and try and prove me wrong by taking part in the next event. If he does.. I told you so!)

There were the rest of the party competing and a few others too, a couple of Yelmalio, one who fancies himself a lot, a couple of Orlanthi, an Uroxi and an Argan Arga worshipper (who between you and me is a little odd... likes to wind people up and can be very overfriendly.)

Anyway the first competition was the riding competition. Luckily for me riding is one thing I am very good at.

Running however.. is not.

We had to run to the horses, get on, ride for a while, cross a river, ride to a tree pick the fruit and take it back. I set off.. stumbled my way to the horse, got an OK one then I was in my element! Although Fyren was in the lead after the run I quiclly caught up, we all hit the tree around the same time and I picked a fruit that was in reach while on my horse and set off back.

So I won a beautifl and very fast horse after that event, second was Myrrhyn (and orlanthi) and Promidious (a Yelmalio).

The next event was the Joust, Although I am very good on a horse.. I'm nopt so good at using a Lance so I was a bit worried about this event but it wasn't as bad as I though. I beat a yelmalio in the first round (stuck up git) and was beaten in the second round by Myrrhyn, but I didnt mind that as he was gratious and immediately checked I was ok when he knocked me off my horse. Plus he went on to come second so thats fine! Sticklebrix the Uroxi won.. by pure brute strength I think and some how Runner came third.

I never again want to see what happened in his first round happen again thought. He was against Fyren and before anyone even set off Runner was mumbling and doing.. something.. It ended up through a series of unfortunate happenings, Runner got his leg caught under his now demoralised horse, who was quite content to allow runner to stayon his back.. as long as the horse was laying down, then Fyrens horse went bonkers started trotting like it was walkingon coals then started humping Runners horse with runner still on it! Runner then swallowed Fyrens Lance whole and Fyren promptly fell off the back of his now eagerly humping steed.

Anyway.. that wasn't the last of the things I never want to see again! When we get to the wrestling competition and the Argan Arga cultist is stark naked it kinda puts you off competing. Anyway as luck would have it I didnt have to fight him and his greased up body. I fought Fyren and he ran at me like an excited puppy, and knocked me clean off my feet. So that was my turn over!

It ended with Jaast the Argan Arga cultist winning, Sticklebrix second and I believe it was Fyren third, so at least I was beated by someone in the top 3 huh!

Last but not least we got to the drinking round. Well... what can I say about that one..

Its the reason I feel like I should be being killed by Humakti rather than being hunakti myself... I think this is how the undead would feel.. if they weren't so wretched, damned and pitiful.

It was some weak beer that hits you like a ten tonne Bison... if a Bison walked at the pace of a slug. Fine.. until you realise your insides are spilling out.

Fyren didn't last very long, and Jaast didnt even enter, Runner seemed to turn a vivid shade of green but kept trying to compose himself... right up until he passed out and vomit dribbled from his eyes, ears and nose... It eventually whittled down to me, Haaldis and Sticklebrix. I bowed out before I could disgrace myself by chucking up my guts, and bounced my way back down the hallway to my bed... which I assume I reached at some point but Haaldis and Sicklebrix continued, and eventually Sticklebrix gave in to the clearly superiour female might of Haaldis!

So... here I am.. Just before dawn with a cracking headache getting ready to face the wall of death. And I must admit, the title doesnt fill me with confidence.

As it stands, in joint first place is Runner, Sticklebrix and myself.

Heres to the rest of the competition... I think I need more BBQ Ribs...


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