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Thursday, 14 October 2010

Diary of Collwen, the year 491

Ok... So I spent the winter at home, looking after my fifedom and trying to make babies. Unsucessfully but thats not the point...

We were invited to some meeting in Lincoln so off we set to spend a little time with King Uther and Earl Roderic and perhaps discuss some Saxon smashing. Sounds good doesnt it!! Well... as we're walking in, I was looking round and thinking, these are some well armoured servants!

Turns out it was a load of knights, not servants and looking round the blacksmiths weren't forging swords like you'd expect, but Lance heads!!

Mounted cavelry it is then!! So we go for this meeting and have a bit of a chat about how we see ourselves, where we'd stand in battle and our roles and all of us.. not knowing a great deal about battles decide the best place to stand is supporting the front line.. just behind them on the second rank along with our Earl and in front of the King.

After our chats we set off North to fight some Saxons. Ont he way Gwaer and Cadlieu managed to get themselves in a bit of a scrap with some boys from Gloucester. Our cart wheel had come loose and as people were fixing it they decided the best idea they ever had was to start a duel with them.Luckily noone was killed (and technically our side won) everyone was a bit battered and bruised as we set off to face the Saxons. And let me tell you.. they aren't as impressed by fashy swords as the Earls of Cornwall are!! It took a good few charges before their front line shield wall broke and we could get into melee. We were fighting for hours, getting hurt, and exhausted, untill we realised that the Saxons had begun to lose... one of our flanks had closed around their sides and they began to flee.

Now at this point I was a little light headed from the loss of blood and tiredness but I saw this great huge chunk of a man, a giant almost, standing there watching his army flee and just staying there all fine and everything! Leo strode forward to take him on and the big bloke just lifted his axe and let it swing round casually and the next thing you know Leo is lying in front of the giant... and his head is rolling off to the side!! It was horrible!! But the giant was eventually taken down, and a general was ready to fight...

This bloke came from nowhere and started to fight, it was very impressive! a blur of swords and armour as the figure countered every attack from the general. When he finally fell a cheer began, the knight removed his helmet and it turns out it was the kings son, Madoc! Now I thoguht it was quite impressive but judging on the looks of other members of my parties faces they don't like him much so I didnt join in with the frivolity too much. Sometimes its just not worth the hassle to annoy people you have to travel with!

When we got back to Lincoln we had a nice feast and met a few people, and met the Duke of Cornwall's wife. Now I'd heard she was pretty but she was STUNNING!! She sang a song about everyone in the battle and I saw quite a few men in the room go goo-goo eyed.. Including the King. Thats not a good thing.

A few months down the line we're still recovering from the battle and the Duke of Cornwall hasn't gone home. Even though he's been fully healed for a while.

Turns out right... that the King seems to have a soft spot for the Dukes wife and might have upset the Duke a fair bit by refusing to let him leave Lincoln! When the Duke came to talk to us and see what we thought of it all I was a bit shocked really.. I understand that he might not be too happy but its the KING!! You do what the king says!!

I left the table at the point, I didnt want to hear his conspiring against the king, but the boys stayed. And I dont think they liked what they heard.

The duke excused himself and straight away Gwaire went up to the king, insisted he listen to him and told him that the Duke was planning to leave against the Kings wishes. This wasnt something the King wanted to hear and he got very angry.

We went to go and try to stop the Duke before it was too late, but when we got near his quarters his guards were there.. ready to die to support their duke. Loyalty into death... very humbling.

I looked outside and it had started to snow... well when i say stared to snow, it was a huge blizzard! I could barely see a horse length out of the window.. I wondered how the duke would ever be able to escape in that weather.. let alone have anyone chase him and bring him back.

Anyway, we killed the guards... not that we really wanted to, and I found that way back in the sands of time the Dukes wife was related to the Fae.

That would explain the almost 'magical' snowstorm in the middle of November.

So after an eventful year I went to see how my fifedom was going.

It wasn't. The cropps were bad, the markets hadn't done well, the new warehouses were almost empty. That'll teach me to spend too long away from home..

Oh... still no babies yet unfortunately. Maybe next year I'll have a child to carry on Lycus' name.

Untill Next year,


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