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Friday, 29 October 2010

Pya's Journal.

I was right. (shocking isnt it..)

Guess who turned up at the 5th contest and decided he was brave enough to join in now.. Bran.

He did quite well actually considering he hasnt been in any other contests! We spent a day recovering from the drinking contest and had a chat with a few of the other contestants. The Uroxi is a moron so he was immediately eliminated from suspicions of 'bad guy' activity but I still had my doubts about Jaast. Anyone that turns up in black when everyone else is in colours and tries to annoy everyone without going so far as to get killed is obviously playing to the 'baddie' sterotypes and must therefore be the antagonist of the story.... if.. of course.. it was a story and now my real life.

Anyway, we got ready for the wall of death, all we had to do was walk along a wall while blunt arrows were fired at us, there were a possoble maximum of 15 shots. Jaast came staggering over like he was drunk and Sticklebrix was busy rubbing rhino fat into himself. Promidious and Runner fell off quite early on having taken a few painful looking arrows to the abdomen and.. erm... lower. Vathmar and Fyren weren't long after and Haaldis shortly after that. The rest including myself and Bran continued for a while, Myrhhyn fell then I lost my footing and fell leaving Callain, Bran, Jaast and Sticklebrix. Unfortunately Callain then fell, followed by Bran then finally Sticklebrix leaving Jaast having won that contest.

Next was the pain test... now this one hurt. Lots.. and yes, i know thats what the name suggests but still! IT REALLY HURT!!

We all had to hold at arms length two metal pots of boiling water for as long as possible. I started off really well, it seemed like I couldnt lose, but one by one people dropped out, splashing boiling water everywhere and cradling their raw hands. Soon it started to become too much to bear. When it got down to me Promidious and Jaast it was too much for me to cope with any more and I gave up. Shortly followed by Jaast then a relieved Promidious.

So again, although Jaast hadn't won, he had gotten himself more points on the leaderboard and was in 1st place.
Jaast - 12 points
Sticklebrix - 10 points
Me - 9 points.

So we went on to the final round. The ladies choice. Basically everyone has to do something, sing, dance, tell a story.. whatever, and only the ladies give a score.

There were some brilliant stories, from Myrrhyn (who won that contest) Runner and Calain and some slightly unpleasant acts like a striptease from Bran, lewd jokes from Jaast and innappropriate stories from Sticklebrix.

At the end of the contest the points were as follows.

1st Place : Jaast with 15 points.

2nd Place: Myself and Runner with 13 poitns

3rd Place: Sticlebrix, Myrhhyn and Calain. with 12 points.

A few people left, Myrrhyn for example, he recieved his prize for winning that contest and gave the Shadow cat he won to Haaldis then left.

We went to the bar to find Sticklbrix in a very bad mood. Not because he hadn't won but because he had apparently been sensing Chaos the whole contest but couldnt pinpoint it, and when his main suspect had left and the sense hadn't gone he had begun to get angry.

After a long and drawn out chat we went to check he hadn't picked up something himself and not realised.

Turns out that Jaast had given him a ball of tails which was extremely chaotic, Runner had seen Jaast with it earlier in the week but hadnt realised it was chaotic, so we all went out to find Jaast.

He was pretending to be Calain so he could get in with Melisant... so of course we killed him swiftly becuase it turns out he was an ogre! He was the one killing people while the contest was on. He was a Cacodaemon follower and.. as I'd said all along.. he was a baddie!!!

So we managed to get it cnfirmed that he was taken out of the contest via disqualification meaning he hadn't officially won, he'd been cheating etc, and he was chaotic.

His winnings were then split between those who stopped him, our party and sticklebrix. I was given the name of champion of Garhound, Bran was given a sword and we were all given 3 one use spells each. Two of the ones I recieved were extremely useful for me! I recieved True sword and Great Parry!

So now we're ready to head back to Pavis for some festival Runner wants to go to.

I'm sure it wont be boring...


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